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Factors to consider when building aluminum stage truss

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The emergence of aluminium stage truss has brought a lot of convenience to people's lives, and has built a good foundation for some large-scale events and performances. Aluminium stage truss is flexible in construction and easy to carry. It is a necessary construction equipment for going out. There are also many types of aluminium stage truss products. Different models and types can be selected according to different outing stages, such as folding and fixed ones. An important reason that makes aluminium stage truss a necessary equipment for going out is that it is easy to install, move, and transport, and it can be used well whether it is indoors or outdoors. Aluminium stage truss has a leapfrog construction method, which will not cause any obstruction to some small objects at the bottom. Especially when transporting,aluminium stage truss is light and easy to handle, making it the first choice for outdoor use.

Angle Plate Truss

Stages with different themes need flexible aluminium stage truss to build a variety of changes, so there are many points to pay attention to in the process of using aluminium stage truss to build. When building aluminium stage truss, the equipment and parts required for the installation process are prepared in advance, and the stage effect is planned in combination with the theme of the display, so that the preparation work is foolproof. The role of aluminium stage truss is indispensable, ensuring the overall stability of the stage.


In the aluminium stage truss construction, there are still some places that pay more attention to, which is very important for the later construction and use. For example, when building, the first thing to do is to choose the geographical location, which has an important relationship with the size of the passenger flow during use. The planning and construction of the stage must be in line with the propaganda and scene of the theme at the time, so that the idea of the theme can be understood through the stage after it is set up. When setting up, it is necessary to leave enough evacuation and gathering roads to avoid unnecessary hidden dangers in it. When setting up, some firm points are strictly checked to ensure that the stage is used later to avoid unexpected damage.


The main functions of the assembled stage:

①Quickly change the scene when the screen is closed or the lights are dimmed;

②Participating in performance activities: transporting actors and changing scenes under the eyes of the audience to create a special atmosphere;

③Change the form of the stage according to the requirements of the type of play and performance method, such as changing from a framed stage to an extended stage;

④Change the shape of the stage and the auditorium according to the needs of the plot and performance method;

⑤Provide technical support for the performance, such as acoustic reverberation cover and sound insulation screen;

⑥Provide guarantees for the performance, such as various devices, protective nets, and fire screens;

⑦Provide logistical support for the performance, such as hard scene lifts and soft scene lifts.

Maintenance method of aluminium stage truss:

1. When cleaning, do not wipe it with a rag like other furniture. After a long time, it will rub the surface of the truss and lose its original gloss, making the aluminium stage truss look very worn. Even if you use a rag, you can't use coarse cloth or old clothes, because this will cause scratches on the aluminium stage truss. Do not use soapy water and detergent for cleaning, because soapy water and detergent are alkaline substances, which will corrode the truss and reduce the service life of aluminium stage truss.

2. The surface of the aluminium stage truss is easily corroded, so the truss should be regularly re-treated with anti-corrosion treatment. Spray wax or anticorrosive and anticorrosive paint after removing the rust. In addition, the pins and rivets at the middle joints should be checked regularly to ensure their firmness and avoid hidden dangers caused by loosening during the performance, which may cause serious consequences.

3. If aluminium stage truss is painted and sprayed, you can wipe it with clean water.

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