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Features and storage of aluminum scaffold

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Aluminum scaffold is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, shopping mall billboards, bridges, construction engineering brackets, and steel pipe scaffolding for walls. Aluminum scaffold occupies an increasing share in today's construction engineering industry. Due to the frequent occurrence of aluminum scaffold accidents in recent years, there are great safety risks. The market urgently needs safer and more professional scaffolding.

Aluminum scaffold is divided into single-wide scaffolding, double-wide scaffolding, movable scaffolding, folding scaffolding and multi-functional scaffolding. The construction speed of aluminum scaffold is more than twice that of ordinary buckle scaffolds, which successfully solves the problems of long time, low efficiency and high work difficulty. Aluminum scaffold is very important to the smooth completion of the project, because the stability of aluminum scaffold is related to the lives of workers. If the original structure of the aluminum scaffold needs to be changed and heightened during the construction process, it needs to be verified and approved by the technical department, and a detailed aluminum scaffold construction plan needs to be developed before the formal use.

 Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding

Features of aluminum scaffold:

1. Widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, shopping mall billboards, bridges, building brackets, etc.

2. Multi-function, single-use, dual-use, movable, convenient and quick to use.

3. Aluminum scaffold has high efficiency, flexibility, quick disassembly and assembly, no screws, and double the result with half the effort.

4. Large bearing capacity and good stability.

5. It is safe and reliable, with good self-locking ability of joints and standard series.

6. Easy to manage and neatly stacked.

7. Aluminum scaffold is light weight, durable, repeatable, economical and practical, low cost, small space occupation and long use time.

Custody of aluminum scaffold:

1. The construction load per square meter of aluminum scaffold shall not exceed 2.7KN. It is only allowed to stack items on the scaffold in two steps at the same time, and overloading is not allowed. The debris on the scaffolding should be cleaned up in time.

2. It is strictly forbidden to pull the cable wind rope and set up the lifting handle on the aluminum scaffold, and it is not allowed to feed the material from the scaffold by the method of diagonal pull suspension.

3. The rods, fasteners and rigid knots of aluminum scaffold are strictly prohibited to be dismantled at will, and offenders must be dealt with seriously.

4. The aluminum scaffold acceptance stipulates that it is accepted every three steps, and can be used after the company's quality and safety department signs and agrees.

5. Improve the inspection and maintenance management system of the scaffold at the construction site. The aluminum scaffold project department will inspect it every six months and deal with the hidden dangers immediately.

6. The outer side of the outer frame near the high-voltage line should be isolated by an insulating board, and the suspension is firm to ensure safety.


Compared with steel scaffolding, the advantages of aluminum scaffold:

1. Aluminum scaffold is lighter in weight

Aluminum scaffold is much lighter. In fact, the weight of aluminum scaffolding is less than half that of steel scaffolding. Due to its light weight, not only can aluminum scaffold be easily transported from one location to another, but it can also be easily installed and disassembled at the application site.

2. Reduce the labor required to install aluminum scaffold

The use of aluminum scaffold usually requires less labor. Not only does it require less manpower, it may also not require cranes. When working with aluminum scaffold, it will minimize the risk of injuries and accidents during work. Using aluminum scaffold instead of steel scaffolding, only two people can build and dismantle steel scaffolding.

3. Aluminum scaffold can be installed quickly

Generally speaking, aluminum scaffolds are easier to install and rise faster than steel scaffolds. The aluminum scaffold is equipped with high-strength casters for quick and easy installation. Aluminum scaffold is easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing construction workers to minimize downtime and transfer from one workplace to another.

4. Aluminum scaffold has many uses

A. Narrow span and wide span bracket, rolling tower crane that can be installed without tools.

B. Stairs Use tools and machinery to safely climb the platform when needed.

C. Folding scaffolding, unfolded and locked in place to provide an instant base.

5. Aluminum scaffold has a longer service life

When the aluminum scaffold is scratched, the aluminum scaffold will form an oxide layer to help protect the inner core. This natural alumina layer can prevent the metal underneath from being exposed to the air. When the steel scaffold is scratched, the steel scaffold will rust, which will eventually weaken the structure of the scaffold. Aluminum scaffold is repeatedly used many times and will not crack or rust after being exposed to various elements.

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