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Features and economic benefits of aluminum ringlock scaffolding

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Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has outstanding features such as versatility, high efficiency, large carrying capacity, safety and reliability. It is widely used in roads, bridges, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, municipal engineering, industrial and civil construction engineering fields.


Features of aluminum ringlock scaffolding:

1. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has versatility: According to the construction requirements of the site, it can form single and double-row scaffolding, support frame, support column and other construction equipment with different rent frame sizes, shapes and load-bearing capacity.

2. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has high efficiency: simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly, and fast, completely avoiding the loss of bolt operation and scattered fasteners. Its joint assembly and disassembly speed is more than 5 times faster than ordinary bowl-buckle scaffolding, and the assembly and disassembly uses less manpower. The worker can complete all the work with a hammer.

3. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has high bearing capacity: the pole connection is coaxial socket, the node is in the frame plane, the joint has the mechanical properties of bending, shear and torsion resistance, stable structure and large bearing capacity. In terms of the same mechanical requirements, aluminum ringlock scaffolding has a larger spacing than ordinary scaffolding, which saves the amount of steel pipe materials.

4. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has safety and reliability: the joint design takes into account the effect of gravity, so that the joint has a reliable two-way self-locking function. The load acting on the crossbar is transmitted to the vertical rod through the disc buckle, so that the disc buckle has strong shear resistance.

5. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has less maintenance, fast loading and unloading, convenient transportation and easy storage. The crossbar can be dismantled in advance for turnover, saving materials and time.

6. The service life of aluminum ringlock scaffolding is much higher than that of ordinary scaffolding, generally it can be used for more than 10 years. Because aluminum ringlock scaffolding has abandoned the bolt connection, the components are resistant to knocking, even if it is rusted, it will not affect the assembly and disassembly.

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Economic benefits of aluminum ringlock scaffolding:

1. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding saves construction costs as a whole. The cost of aluminum ringlock scaffolding is cheaper than ordinary scaffolding, and the cost is more controllable. At the actual construction site of the project, a reasonable organization will bring more benefits to both parties.

2. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding further accelerates the construction progress, which is particularly prominent in large-scale scaffolding, large-span, and high-support projects. Its erection and demolition speed is fast, which will give the main project construction time.

3. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding has wide spacing and large bearing capacity. On-site construction is convenient, the frame body does not affect manual operations, and the scientific design calculation book is an effective guarantee for safety and construction.

4. The full-floor scaffold composed of Q345B steel pipe vertical rod and Q235 steel pipe crossbar is arranged in an orderly manner with small deviation. The silver-white stainless steel galvanized appearance makes the overall appearance of the frame beautiful.


How to improve the quality of aluminum ringlock scaffolding?

Before the engineer develops, he must make a full investigation of aluminum ringlock scaffolding, make detailed aluminum ringlock scaffolding requirements, and make aluminum ringlock scaffolding design. This not only shows the functional superiority of aluminum ringlock scaffolding, but also facilitates manufacturing and low production cost, thereby enhancing the comprehensive competitiveness of aluminum ringlock scaffolding.

1. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding test

Errors are found mainly through inspection and testing. In fact, most errors are low-level errors. For example, for aluminum ringlock scaffolding requirements or design misunderstandings, most errors are easy to correct. Only by ensuring that aluminum ringlock scaffolding has fewer errors, can it be ensured that the aluminum ringlock scaffolding has an advantage in the competition of the same industry.

2. After-sales service of aluminum ringlock scaffolding

After-sales service is the various service activities provided after aluminum ringlock scaffolding is sold. It is the most important part of after-sales service. High-quality after-sales service is the product of brand economy, aluminum ringlock scaffolding after-sales service is often better than other brands. After improving customer satisfaction, regular customers will usually continue to buy their satisfactory aluminum ringlock scaffolding, conduct word-of-mouth publicity and other positive ways to spread it. This has a strong effect on increasing the market share of aluminum ringlock scaffolding and the reputation of the brand.


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