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Folding stage features

Date: 27.05.2020 Viewed: times

  The folding stage produced by the folding stage manufacturer is divided into steel folding stage and aluminum alloy folding stage. Because of the different materials used, it is only slightly different for the occasion.

  The steel folding stage uses iron profiles, which can take the function of wheels, and has an exquisite appearance. It is suitable for small and medium-sized activities such as hotels, enterprises, schools, etc. with less handling and movement. The folding size is 2.44 meters long, 1.22 meters wide, and the height is 40-60cm between.

  Features: convenient transportation, simple folding, firm and strong, strong bearing capacity, easy to decorate.

  The aluminum alloy folding stage uses aluminum alloy profiles, and the single sheet is 1.22 * 2.44m, which becomes 1.22 * 1.22m after folding, the length is halved, the thickness is multiplied by two, and the increase in thickness greatly enhances the load-bearing capacity.

  Features: simple folding, saving storage space, beautiful appearance.

  Shizhan Group's folding stage manufacturer has been focusing on the production of folding stage for 15 years. It controls the whole process from raw material collection, workshop processing to art reconstruction. The folding stage produced all over the country.

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