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Good or bad truss workmanship

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  Usually it is necessary to judge whether the workmanship of a truss de aluminio is good or not. It is a headache as a buyer but it is quite important. There are certain tricks and methods. The high-quality truss de aluminio not only has a beautiful appearance, high quality and high strength, but also smooth installation and use. It can also exert stable performance during use. What aspects of general trusses will reflect the quality of workmanship?

Triangle Truss

  The workmanship of the truss should be judged from the selection of raw materials. At present, the truss are all made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6/6082-T6, so you must check the material certification of the product. In fact, it can be distinguished by eyes alone, because the aluminum alloy on the surface of this material has a metallic light color, and the strength is good enough. Unlike some trusses made of other materials, although the exterior color can be processed, the performance itself cannot be changed.

  Secondly, the workmanship of the truss can be seen from the quality of the weld bead. The truss is welded, and the weld bead processed with high-quality welding rod and advanced technology will certainly not have defects, such as virtual welding, pores, etc. If the intersection of the center lines of the two inclined pipes of the truss is intersected with the center line of the main pipe, a more favorable bearing capacity can be obtained.

  Finally, the smoothness of the assembly can also be used as a criterion for judging the quality of the truss workmanship, and it is also the basis for the use of the truss. Not only must it be assembled smoothly, it must also be stable.

  Shizhan Group is a supplier of truss stage aluminum, and has been leading the field of truss manufacturing for decades, and is committed to providing customers with satisfactory truss de aluminio system solutions.

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