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Help you distinguish truss types

Date: 03.04.2020 Viewed: times
Friends who want to buy stage trusses, before everyone decides to buy stage trusses, do you know what types of trusses are there? There are many types of trusses, but some boundaries are still blurred.

Shizhan Group separately introduced the following four types of stage scaffolds with blurred boundaries. Because of the different aluminum materials and design structures, its load bearing and application range are different. There are the following types of trusses:

The first category: standard trusses. This kind of truss is the most standard and simplest, such as the size of 100 * 100, is widely used, such as used as a small advertising background frame, wedding decoration frame and other activities.
The second category: light trusses. The cross section of this type of truss is much smaller than the standard truss. The specifications are 200-400. The aluminum alloy truss itself is lighter, so it is very light and flexible and easy to transport. It is now more popular for lighting decoration for small events, scaffolding, and stage. Lighting stands and more.
The third category: reinforced trusses. This type of truss is stronger than standard trusses and very strong. Square pipes are welded at both ends to strengthen the supporting force, and the strength and maximum span are greater than the standard truss. Larger events will use this type of truss, such as large-scale performances, lighting and audio exhibitions and other large-scale performance event stage.

Shizhan Group sells all truss types. It is a professional truss stage supplier in Jiangsu Province, providing various truss stage solutions. The products have passed CE, SGS, TUV, BV, ISO9001 certification. Our products are exported to more than 150 countries. World Exhibition is committed to being your trusted partner.

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