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Help you extend the life of scaffolding

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  Shizhan Group is a professional Aluminum scaffolding provider, launching various types of scaffolding. The different types of scaffolding, the thickness of the steel, the material of the steel, and the galvanizing of the surface will have a direct impact on the life of the scaffold. Because the scaffolding has a wide range of uses, it also makes the scaffolding life more difficult to calculate. The use of the site will also affect the scaffolding. The service life has a great impact.


  The surface treatment of scaffolding is different. There are 4 types of surface treatment for scaffolding galvanized: paint, hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, and double-layer galvanizing. Because the scaffolding is more common in outdoor use, the basic wind and rain, the construction site uses a higher degree of wear, it is easy to rust, and the service life will definitely be greatly reduced. Hot dip galvanizing is currently the best way to prevent rust at a time, but the cost is relatively high, it is not cost-effective to use, cold galvanizing, the effect is not very obvious, and the effect is almost the same as the paint. So it is recommended that you use Shuangcheng plating Zinc process, the effect is not much different, but also reduces costs. Under normal circumstances, the scaffold life is about 2 years, but it also depends on the site and method of use of the scaffold.

  Ring lock scaffolding is a new type of scaffolding, which is of much better quality than other types of scaffolding. But it will still be limited by the rated service life. So what methods can extend the life of scaffolding? The World Expo Group recommends the following methods:

  First of all, from the perspective of quality, choose good quality scaffolding when purchasing. Manufacturers should pay special attention to the welding joints when producing scaffolding. High-quality scaffolding welding mouth is full, not easy to open welding, can play an important role in prolonging the service life of scaffolding.

  Secondly, it is recommended to galvanize the scaffolding. Because the raw material of the scaffold is steel, it is easily corroded, and galvanizing can effectively protect the scaffold from being corroded.

  Again, pay attention to it during use. The use of scaffolding should be strictly in accordance with the construction specifications of the scaffolding, and should be inspected and repaired in time during use.


  The aluminum ringlock scaffolding of Shizhan Group is designed to meet the strict requirements of customers. Its light weight, cleanliness, safety, and easy assembly make it widely used in industry, construction, stage production, property management, hotel cleaning and maintenance, power plants, oil refining and chemical industry. And aircraft maintenance and other industries.

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