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How about scaffolding galvanized? Is it good to use?

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Scaffolding galvanized generally refers to the more popular scaffolding galvanized. The surface of the scaffolding galvanized is processed by hot-dip galvanizing process, and the service life is as high as 15 years.

Scaffolding galvanized has low cost and high efficiency, and it is easy to disassemble and save labor. It can be hoisted as a whole after installation on the ground. scaffolding galvanized has a high load capacity, and the bearing capacity of M60 series poles can reach 19-21 tons.

Scaffolding galvanized abandons the traditional scaffolding problem of easy loss and easy damage of mobile parts, and compares with ordinary bowl buckle scaffolding, the amount of steel used is up to 2/3 or more saving, which greatly shortens the construction unit to a certain extent. The economic loss and capital expenditure.


Features of Scaffolding galvanized

Scaffolding galvanized means that there is a flower disk on the supporting pole, and a wedge-shaped socket on the cross bar. As long as the cross bar is gently inserted into the flower disk, it can replace traditional steel pipes and fasteners.

1. The installation and disassembly process is very simple, one or two people can complete it, and the structure is stable.

2. It can be docked, and the parts can be adjusted arbitrarily.

3. It completely replaces wood and does not require any auxiliary connecting materials.

4. High re-use rate reduces cost.

5. Realize the one-time pouring of concrete.

6. Save time, labor and materials, and more safety guarantee.


The general trend of scaffolding galvanized

Now many construction projects have begun to use scaffolding galvanized, and the pan buckle has a trend to replace the bowl buckle. Due to its safety and stability, time-saving, beautiful image and other advantages, Jiangsu, Hubei, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other provinces and cities vigorously promote the use of socket-type disc-buckle brackets, and expressly prohibit the use of fastener-type steel pipe cantilever scaffolding.

Scaffolding galvanized is widely used in the support design of some bridge projects such as viaducts, tunnel projects, factories, elevated water towers, power plants, oil refineries, etc. and their special plants. It is also suitable for crossing overpasses, span scaffolds, storage shelves, chimneys, Water tower and interior and exterior decoration.

According to detailed construction requirements, scaffolding galvanized can form a variety of single-row, double-row scaffolding, support frames, support columns, material promotion frames and other construction equipment with a modulus of 0.6m in various frame sizes and loads. And can do curve layout. The scaffold can be used with accessories such as adjustable bottom support, adjustable top support, double adjustable early disassembly, lifting beam, lifting frame, etc., and can be used in conjunction with various steel pipe scaffolds to achieve various versatility.

It can be seen from this that scaffolding galvanized is highly functional, convenient and fast, and very easy to use.


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