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How to choose aluminum stage truss to build a booth?

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If modern enterprises want to participate in exhibitions or conduct promotional activities, the first thing they use is of course aluminum stage truss. Now some brand customers have used aluminum stage truss as a regular promotional item in the system, whether it is a new product launch or a holiday promotion, it has achieved good results. Aluminium stage truss is a vivid tool for corporate promotion. Aluminium stage truss is required for corporate exhibitions, advertising promotions, recruitment, and various publicity occasions.

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Aluminium stage truss is also known as aluminum alloy light frame, truss and so on. Aluminum alloy trusses are very helpful to enhance the brand image in the store, create a festive atmosphere, and increase sales. Aluminium stage truss has the advantages of convenient transportation, environmental protection, and rapid assembly. It can play a role in conveying information, displaying products, and promoting sales.


Content guide

1. Aluminium stage truss selection method

2. How to build aluminum stage truss booth


1. Aluminium stage truss selection method

(1) The aluminum alloy truss can adapt to the requirements of the corners in any direction;

(2) The aluminum alloy truss support does not need rubber to bear pressure, and there is no influence of rubber aging on the support, and the service life is long;

(3) The bearing transmits force through the spherical surface, and there is no force necking phenomenon, and the reaction force acting on the upper and lower structures is relatively uniform;

(4) The shock-absorbing support has good shock-absorbing performance;

(5) It has the performance of resisting horizontal force to ensure that the structure is not disjointed during a horizontal earthquake;

(6) It has the performance of resisting vertical tension to ensure that the upper and lower structures are not disconnected during vertical earthquakes;

(7) The aluminum alloy truss can carry vertical loads;

(8) The aluminum alloy truss can adapt to the radial and circumferential displacement requirements;

The many advantages of Aluminium stage truss make it widely used in enterprises and so on! It can design a matching product promotion aluminum alloy stage according to the characteristics of your product, thereby increasing the role of product advertising.


2. How to build aluminum stage truss booth

Aluminium stage truss is used more and more frequently in modern society. The truss is a load-bearing structure connected by straight rods at the corresponding nodes to form a geometric lattice type. Aluminium stage truss rods mainly bear axial tension or pressure, and are suitable for structures with large spans.

(1) First place the four bases on the ground and adjust the legs below to make them on the same horizontal plane;

(2) Insert the lower part of the diagonal support into the outer side of the base on the four corners, insert 2 in each corner, a total of 8;

(3) Fix the reverse head with screws on the base, you must pay attention to the direction of the reverse head rotation and;

(4) Put a square sleeve on the reverse head;

(5) Connect the beams on the ground;

(6) The two ends of the beam are connected to the two square sleeves on both sides respectively. At this time, the beam part is basically assembled on the ground;

(7) Connect the aluminum alloy truss while lying flat, then screw one end to the reverse head, and screw the cross arm to the other end, and link the hanging gourd and the cross arm at the same time;

(8) Find a few more people to erect the truss slowly, taking care not to use too much force, and then fix the screws on the reverse head;

(9) After the column is erected, hook the hook below the hanging gourd to the beam below through the sling;

(10) Several people slowly pull the hanging gourd together to pull the beam to the left and right position of the person's head;

(11) Install lighting and sound equipment on the beam;

(12) Several people together pull the hanging gourd to a predetermined height to stop;

(13) Tighten one end of the diagonal support to the upright, and the other end to the horizontal support of the base.

In this way, it is basically built. The aluminum stage truss is not easy to rust, it can be used repeatedly, and the installation and disassembly are also very convenient.

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