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How is the lighting truss of the truss stage formed?

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  Stage truss aluminum is the temporary stage that we have most contact with at present. It is built with a truss structure. The typical external feature of a truss stage is a space structure built with numerous aluminum alloy frames.

  The light stand is the face of the truss stage, and the construction of the light stand will directly affect the overall effect of the stage. The lighting frame of the truss stage has its own professional name, called the aluminum alloy TRUSS frame. The lighting frame is our nickname for it.

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  Stage lighting truss is a plane or space structure frame composed of straight rods and generally has a triangular unit, generally square column type, mostly used for outdoor temporary stage and exhibition skeleton construction. Various shapes can be created without space restrictions.

  The stage lighting truss has a maximum span of 20M and a height of 7M. The specifications of the light frame of the truss stage are different according to the size of the stage. The construction of the light frame of the truss stage is to build a square structure.

  Stage lighting frames are generally made of aluminum alloy and steel pipe materials, but steel pipe materials are basically used by few people, and most of them are made of aluminum alloy lighting frames. Stage lighting truss is assembled with a single aluminum alloy lamp holder. The main components of a built-up truss stage system include the following: base, square sleeve, corner, adapter, aluminum alloy light stand, cross arm, gourd and other supporting assembly. On the often seen stage, those frames made of aluminum alloy are truss stages.

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