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How is the stage truss stressed

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For a stage that has been in a special working environment for a long time, the truss needs to refresh the external paint regularly. For the truss paint has been peeled off for a long time or the internal steel has rusted, the equipment should be derusted first, and then a new painting should be performed. It is strictly forbidden to paint without removing rust. Such an approach will only accelerate the aging of the stage equipment and shorten the life of the stage equipment. Straight-grain drawing refers to the machining of straight lines on the surface of aluminum alloy by mechanical friction. It has the dual function of removing scratches on the surface of Chengdu aluminum alloy and decorating the surface of aluminum plates.

There are two types of straight wire drawing: continuous wire and intermittent wire. Continuous silk patterns can be obtained by scouring pads or stainless steel brushes through continuous horizontal straight-line rubbing on the surface of the aluminum plate (such as manual grinding under the conditions of the device or grinding the aluminum plate with a wire brush with a planer). Light weight, good load-bearing capacity, and strong resistance to environmental oxidation, except of course some special corrosion.

Generally speaking, aluminum alloy stage used indoors, less wind and sun trusses and less disassembly and assembly wear trusses can be used for 10 years or even more than 20 years, of course, it takes a long time to check some of its prone to aging For parts (such as screws and other parts that are prone to oxidation and corrosion), the specific use time should also be calculated according to its load-bearing capacity and the weight it bears. The use time for installing a truss of general weight indoors is long. Under the ideal uniform load, the web members (including straight web members and oblique web members) of the bowstring truss are not stressed; the lower chord is under tension, and the tension is equal throughout the span; the upper chord is compressed, and the pressure is in each There are slight changes in the internodes, with large ends and small middle. A bowstring truss can be understood as an arch with horizontal tie rods. It is widely used in roof structures. If the load acts on the lower chord of the truss, the straight web members are stretched to transfer the load to the upper chord, which is common in bridge structures.

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