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How many people need to build the stage lighting truss

Date: 10.03.2020 Viewed: times
Stage lighting truss is a product that has been successfully used in stage lighting and sound engineering in recent years. The construction of aluminum truss is relatively simple and fast.

Common interfaces for stage lighting trusses are: bolt, screw and flat head. The biggest advantage of the aluminum alloy truss as a stage lighting shelf project is: simple disassembly and assembly, small labor required, convenient transportation and repeated use.

How much labor is required for the stage shelf engineering? This is a problem faced by many projects. The World Exhibition will explain to you the labor issues in the construction of stage lighting shelves:
If a stage lighting project is qualified, 4-6 people are fully qualified for conventional projects, but if the number of people is relatively small, it will take longer to work. If you do n’t hurry or the labor is really limited, you can reduce it to 4 people appropriately. There are no overweight accessories and tools are required. Small or medium-sized stage lighting shelf project, 3 people is enough.

The stage lighting racks of the World Exhibition Group are made of aluminum metal trusses. Considering the application site and outdoor requirements of aluminum trusses, we provide irregular trusses, triangular trusses, circular trusses and many other types of truss products to meet customers' various uses. Conditions, design the best stage truss, the most convenient stage truss.

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