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How much do you know about folding truss

Date: 08.05.2020 Viewed: times
The shizhan Group has been focusing on the development and production of stage structures, and is committed to a one-stop solution for the overall stage structure projects such as stage, truss, stands, and explosion-proof barriers.

As a manufacturer of folding truss, the shzihan Group provides a solution to save transportation through the folding truss series. Provides the best strength for longer spans and applications that require high load resistance. The stage truss uses a folding design, so it requires less space for storage or transportation. However, these trusses are limited to horizontal loading and indoor use.

Folding TrussFolding Truss

The biggest advantage of the folding truss: saving transportation costs, each can be folded into a sheet for transportation and storage, which greatly saves space. The nodes are connected with square heads during construction, and the cross section is fixed into a square. It is the first choice for various conferences and exhibitions. Provide folding truss customization to meet customer needs for truss. The size of folding truss is from 6 meters to 18 meters. What we want to do is to do our best to satisfy customers.

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