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How much is the stage truss, how does the SHIZHAN Group quote

Date: 05.02.2020 Viewed: times

Money is very important to anyone, so don't you wonder how much a stage truss is, and how do you get a quote for a stage truss? Before we understand how the SHIZHAN Group quotes stage trusses, we need to know what data the stage truss is priced based on.

Triangular Plate Truss

Triangular Plate Truss

The price of stage trusses will be affected by several important factors, the size, accessories, quantity of stage trusses, as well as taxes and freight. Provide reference product pictures and scheme drawings to make customers understand the details of the product clearly.

A quote is not as simple as imagined. The customer said, "I like this truss, how much is it?" We cannot give the answer to such a simple question. The SHIZHAN Group will fully communicate with customers before quoting. The SHIZHAN Group can design the most suitable drawings according to the different needs of customers. For the design of stage trusses, the same scheme, different individual product configurations, the price will be different. Configuring different stage trusses and accessories will also have different stage building effects.

Only when the data is comprehensive and each product is equipped with a physical map, detailed size, quantity, and price will customers trust us more. If you have any questions about stage trusses, SHIZHAN Group welcomes you to come and consult.

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