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How to Avoid the Hidden Danger in Stage Building

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It is understood that the performance market has been on the rise in recent years, and it is common to temporarily build various stages. However, the relevant specifications for large-scale stage construction and digital dance art engineering are not perfect. The quality of the employees is low, the quality of the project is mixed, the grass stage team and the regular company are fighting for work, the vicious competition leads to the worsening of the construction quality, and the phenomenon of cutting corners is frequent... These have laid hidden dangers for the safety of the stage.

Experience alone is not enough to build a stage

Stage safety issues involve many aspects, such as whether stage equipment and building materials are qualified, whether stage design and craftsmanship are reasonable, and so on. Nowadays, stage construction is more based on the experience of practitioners, but with the ever-changing stage forms, the safety requirements for the stage are getting higher and higher, and experience alone is not enough to resolve the unsafe factors. Some people welded non-national standard steel pipes at will, as long as they set up the stage, they thought that it was done in the past, and there was no big problem. In fact, the structure and stress are not qualified, and the dangerous situation may appear at any time.

The construction of a large outdoor foldable stage for sale should take into account various conditions that may occur during the performance, such as wind, rain, thunder, etc. On July 18, 2015, the "Pepsi Unparalleled Super Starlight Concert" held in the open air of Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park suffered a misfortune due to a typhoon. The outdoor foldable stage for sale background board and LED curtain wall with a background of more than 10 meters were blown down by the strong wind and smashed directly to the outdoor foldable stage for sale, causing injuries. Therefore, in order to build outdoor foldable stage for sales and stands, it is urgent to introduce relevant detailed standards that can be operated to reduce the occurrence of outdoor foldable stage for sale safety accidents.

"Actually, in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, and in accordance with the "Regulations on the Safety Management of Large-scale Mass Activities" for temporary stage performances, the organizer should organize the relevant contractors to carry out the completion inspection, and provide the acceptance certification materials, and the cultural administrative department at or above the county level and the public security department to conduct a safety audit, but the agency or unit responsible for the safety acceptance has not clearly stated it.” A respondent admitted that the current safety acceptance of the temporary outdoor plywood stage for sale construction varies from place to place, and some are handled by the safety supervision department. Some are in charge of the quality supervision department, some are in charge of the construction department, and in some places no one is in charge. Even if someone is responsible, it may be a mere formality, because there are no relevant standards to be implemented by reference.

The reporter learned that, at present, what are the qualification standards for the temporary stage, whether the construction unit of the temporary stage needs certain qualifications and standards, and whether the technical personnel of the construction unit need certain qualifications and what are the standards, etc., all have to be related. Department to clarify.

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Building the stage must follow the rules

Zhu Kening, secretary general of the China Performers Association, said that in recent years, the number of various large-scale performances has continued to increase, and the construction of temporary stage stands, including the installation and use of lighting and audio equipment, has become more and more complicated, and safety hazards have also increased. It is necessary to Industry norms for safe behavior at performances. With the support of the relevant departments of the Ministry of Culture, the association is jointly drafting safety standards for the construction of temporary stable plywood stage for sales with the Cultural Standards Research Center of the China Institute of Art and Technology, in order to promote the safety standardization of temporary stable plywood stage for sales and avoid stable plywood stage for sale safety accidents.

Engineers should strengthen conscience projects

It is undeniable that some current projects have lost their principles in order to pursue unlimited profits. If you don't pay attention to quality, there will be accidents sooner or later. From the previous accidents, it can be seen that the control of the stage lift, the stage truss (including the material, production process, the thickness of the aluminum alloy tube, etc.), and the control of the stage staff all affect the stage. life safety of personnel.

In order to prevent such incidents and avoid frequent occurrence of similar accidents, event organizers should carefully choose reliable stage service providers and builders, and do not covet cheap supply equipment or cut corners to create misfortune. Reliability, professionalism, and responsibility are always the primary duties.

The user strictly regulates the operation and maintenance of stage equipment

Finally, the most important point is that users of outdoor plywood stage for sale equipment must take good care of the equipment they use. The daily maintenance of outdoor plywood stage for sale equipment has its own fixed procedures. In order to ensure the safety of operation, the maintenance must be strictly controlled. Every piece of equipment is alive. If you treat it well, it will also treat you well. If you don't treat it well, it will cause you trouble.

Not all stage safety accidents can be free of casualties. Recently, stage safety accidents that cause casualties have occurred from time to time, and many stage safety accidents are often not known to the public, but it is no longer a secret in the industry. Strict control can end the stage safety hazards.

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