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How to Grasp Indoor Hotel Stage Truss Construction? – SHIZHAN

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The hotel integrates the functions of accommodation, catering, conferences, and performances. It is a space that creates a safe and comfortable environment for guests. In addition to providing basic accommodation and meals, the hotel will also renovate and install banquet halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, etc. The construction of stage trusses is a way to improve quality and expand capacity.

In order to achieve the best results for conferences, performances, etc., there are different ways to make the stage beautiful, such as stage lighting effects, sound effects, and the arrangement of led screens. These methods can increase the atmosphere of the stage, but these are all The construction of stage trusses is inseparable from the construction of stage trusses, so in a crowded space such as a hotel, the safety of stage trusses cannot be ignored.

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The first point is to pay attention to choosing a high-quality hotel stage truss truss produced by a reliable hotel stage truss truss brand. Now the more popular truss is the aluminum alloy hotel stage truss truss, because the aluminum alloy hotel stage truss truss is light and has good comprehensive performance, such as high hardness, can be Strong weldability, and the aluminum alloy hotel stage truss truss has a smooth and beautiful appearance, which is a better hotel stage truss truss.

The second point is to note that the stage truss project cannot exceed the designed load-bearing and span. The load-bearing and span of a truss project must be within a reasonable range, and cannot be built blindly. If the hotel site does not have a corresponding load-bearing structure, it can be added with the project design team. The large mother frame acts as a load bearing to disperse the pressure.

The third point is to pay attention to the safety of hanging, stage machinery is developing rapidly, electric hoist hanging system is favored by large and small projects, hotels generally have complete lines, and it is more convenient and safe to use electric hoist hanging, intelligent variable frequency electric chain hoist supports PC programming, Multiple connections are a good choice for high-end hotel hanging.

The fourth point is to pay attention to check whether the connection of each segment is stable during construction, whether there is any leakage, and the construction site should be accurate, especially the position near the hotel entrance and standing on the stage.

The fifth point to pay attention to is to choose the safest indoor hotel stage truss shape when building the indoor hotel stage truss truss. The safest shape is a trapezoid. The two parallel sides of the trapezoid are used as the plane in contact with the ground, so the construction is not only very firm. , and also allows audiences from different angles to have a good line of sight to enjoy the indoor hotel stage truss performance. Of course, you can also design a suitable shape according to the hotel style, which is safe and beautiful.

indoor hotel stage truss

In order to reduce or even avoid the occurrence of indoor hotel stage truss truss accidents, it is necessary to understand the precautions for indoor hotel stage truss construction. In addition to the above points, it is best to regularly maintain and replace the indoor hotel stage truss truss according to the site conditions.

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