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How to buy Aluminum truss?

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  When you buy aluminum truss, you need to look carefully with your eyes, make more comparisons, and carefully distinguish whether the aluminum truss you want to buy is good enough. You can't just listen to the introduction of the store and believe it, and you can't make a wrong judgment for yourself to save a little profit. Otherwise, you will regret it later if there is a problem in the use process afterwards.

Aluminum truss

  Aluminum truss has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transportation, and quick assembly. Aluminium stage truss can display products, convey information, and promote sales. Aluminum truss can be subdivided into many styles and grades. There are relatively many types of aluminum trusses that can be selected for building three-dimensional exhibition sheds indoors and outdoors. If the exhibition booth is not very large and does not need to be dismantled and moved for a long time, the spring head standard 1.0mm diagonal pull standard 5mm outer frame 220mm*220mm is a relatively cost-effective aluminum truss. The price of this aluminum stage truss is relatively low.

  The disadvantage of aluminum truss is that the span is relatively small. Improper use causes the spring head to fall off to two and can no longer be used. Aluminum truss is more difficult to repair. However, aluminum truss is still a vivid tool for corporate publicity and promotion. Aluminum truss is required for corporate exhibitions, advertising promotions, recruitment, and various publicity occasions.

Content guide

  1. Precautions for choosing aluminum truss

  2. Identification of the pros and cons of aluminum truss quality

1. Precautions for choosing Aluminum truss

  (1) Cost and quality are of the utmost importance. In addition to meeting the quality requirements, we should focus on cost issues. For example, we can consider aluminum truss leasing to save activity costs.

  (2) Manufacturers, when choosing anything, there is always nothing wrong with multiple comparisons. The same is true when choosing aluminum truss. If you want to choose a cost-effective product, you must learn more about the manufacturer.

  (3) According to the situation of the exhibition or performance, choose the appropriate aluminum truss model. For example, large-scale annual meetings, evening parties and the like must choose reliable and guaranteed aluminum truss products.

  As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for," all expensive ones are not necessarily good, but cheap ones are definitely even worse. When choosing aluminum truss, you should choose cost-effective and high-quality aluminum truss in order to save costs and guarantee its use afterwards.

2. Identification of the pros and cons of Aluminum truss quality

  (1) High-quality aluminum truss are all treated with acid, and the surface appears bright silver.

  (2) Good aluminum truss are packed in bubble bags, which can ensure that they will not be worn during transportation. Both ends of the Aluminum truss are flat and polished.

  (3) We need to see whether its welding is fine, the size is accurate, whether the welder is regular, and whether there is a situation where the accessories cannot be aligned.

  Therefore, the quality of Aluminum truss is a matter of great concern to us and our customers. The quality of Aluminum truss wholesale is closely related to the safety of related personnel. What we can do is to produce better and high-quality trusses for customers to choose from. The construction of Aluminum truss is very flexible, and truss systems of different sizes can be built according to the needs. When using the truss, the quality of the truss will directly affect the success of the exhibition or performance, as well as the safety of the related personnel.

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