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How to do good scaffold maintenance

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  For metal products, if the usual maintenance work is not done, it will undoubtedly affect its performance. Especially the aluminum layher scaffolding tools in the construction industry, a little carelessness will affect the lives of workers. So how can we do a good job in the maintenance of Aluminum Layher Scaffolding?

aluminum layher scaffolding

  The bending or deformation should be corrected first, and the damaged components should be repaired first to ensure that they can be used normally during construction; the scaffolding in use should be returned to the warehouse and stored separately. When stacking in the open air, ensure that the storage area is flat and well drained, with support cushions underneath and covered with a tarpaulin. Accessories and parts should be placed indoors.

  For the rust removal and anti-rust treatment of accessories, apply anti-rust paint at least once a year in areas with high humidity. Fasteners should be oiled, and bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. If there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each use, and then coated with engine oil to prevent rust. Excess parts shall be recovered and deposited in time, and shall be checked and accepted in time when removed.

  Choose a aluminum layher scaffolding with complete and intact accessories, and be sure to choose a good location when erecting the aluminum layher scaffolding, which can extend the use time of the aluminum layher scaffolding. Maintaining the aluminum layher scaffolding is also something you must know after buying the aluminum layher scaffolding. Shizhan Group has been committed to the manufacture of aluminum alloy trusses for many years. Aluminum mobile scaffolding has been sold to many overseas countries and its products have been well received.

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