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How to ensure the safety of truss construction?

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  Stage trusses must be used in stage construction. How to make stage trusses for performances safer? Performances can bring happiness, knowledge, and enrich their spiritual and cultural life. Many companies and teams in society now hold different types and specifications of theatrical performances in public gathering places to attract audiences.

aluminum alloy truss

  In order to achieve the best performance, there are different ways to make the stage beautiful, such as stage lighting effects and acoustics. Special effects and the arrangement of LED screens can all increase the atmosphere of the stage, but these are inseparable from the construction of stage trusses. Therefore, in various stage activities, one of the issues that we cannot ignore is the safety of stage trusses. This is easy to be overlooked by people, but there will also be many accidents due to unreasonable stage construction. In order to reduce or even avoid stage truss accidents, it is necessary to understand the precautions for stage construction.

  Stage safety issues

  The first point is to pay attention to choosing a high-quality stage truss produced by a reliable stage truss manufacturer. Nowadays, the most popular truss is aluminum alloy stage truss, because aluminum alloy stage truss is light and has good comprehensive performance, such as high hardness. , The weldability is strong, and the aluminum alloy stage truss is smooth and beautiful in appearance, which is a better stage truss.

  The second point is to note that the stage truss project cannot exceed the designed load-bearing and span. The load-bearing and span of a truss project must be within a reasonable range and cannot be built blindly.

  The third point should pay attention to when building, check whether the link of each section is OK, whether there is any omission, and the location of the building should be accurate.

  The fourth point to note is to choose the safest stage shape when building the stage truss. The safest shape is the trapezoid. The two parallel sides of the trapezoid are the planes that are parallel to the ground. This is not only very strong. And it can also allow audiences from different angles to have a good line of sight to enjoy the stage performance.

  The fifth point is to pay attention to natural factors at all times and try to avoid such natural factors as typhoons, rainstorms or other natural factors that may affect the safety of the stage.

  Shizhan Group has been committed to stage truss engineering for many years. Since its establishment, it has been committed to an overall one-stop solution for stage structure engineering projects such as stage, truss, stand, and riot fence.

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