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How to install the truss

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A stage is often composed of many stage trusses. The stage trusses are a product that can be used many times. It is very easy to install and disassemble. It can save the manpower and material resources for stage installation and disassembly to the greatest extent, and help the stage construction. And the completion of the event. So how should the truss be installed, and what should be paid attention to?

truss types

different kinds of truss

Tips for truss installation
1. The load-bearing of aluminum truss is within a reasonable range, try not to excessively save costs in this regard, because this is directly related to the safety of the entire truss system;
2. The construction method is based on the drawings, and it cannot be changed at will. If the construction method is changed, the stress of the entire truss may be changed.
3. In special environments, add more safety measures to avoid typhoon weather as much as possible, or increase the safety measures such as stays, cables, etc., which can increase the overall strength of the exhibition rack. The World Exhibition Group always consults customers in consideration of customers Whether the project will involve safety in this aspect, try to design a truss system with good load-bearing force for customers to avoid potential safety hazards.
4. Try not to use the aluminum truss with damage to the naked eye. This problem is easy to be ignored. The truss is the foundation of the stage construction.

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