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How to maintain aluminum alloy truss

Date: 21.01.2020 Viewed: times

How to properly maintain the aluminum alloy truss so that the truss can have a longer service life? We need to understand the precautions for truss maintenance.

aluminum alloy truss

Before using a truss, a suitable installation site should be selected. Generally, we will choose a dry site, because the dry site will have a longer service life than the wet site.

The surface of the aluminum alloy truss is usually galvanized. Please avoid using a rag. Wiping with a rag will tarnish the metal surface of the truss.
When installing the truss, pay attention to check the details of the installation, and often check our truss to see if any abnormal conditions have occurred to prevent them before they occur.
When buying trusses, we must choose a large truss manufacturer. The manufacturers have rich experience in truss manufacturing. We recommend the SHIZHAN Group to export products to more than 150 countries to ensure the accuracy and quality of products and ensure high-quality services for customers.

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