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How to support the roof-roof truss

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  Do you want to build a new house? If so, one of the key decisions you must make is how to support the roof. Will you use rafters or trusses?

  Shizhan Group recommends roof trusses to you. Our in-house design team provides a complete architectural truss design for each type of structure. We believe in long-term customer relationships, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation-we are eager to help you. Our design team has many years of collective design experience and frame experience, which allows us to fully consider the various factors of the truss when designing the frame.

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  The quality of the roof frame ultimately determines the performance of the roof. Quality depends on the expertise and care your frame manufacturer needs when manufacturing roof systems. For truss systems, the truss is manufactured at the manufacturer's site. Measurements and specifications were taken in advance to simplify the construction process. The truss is manufactured with the help of computer-aided equipment, thereby improving the product quality. The various parts also have obvious consistency.

roof truss system

  The truss is made of various beams and has a triangular shape. The beams are distributed throughout the roof area, which means they help to distribute the weight of the entire roof evenly. The truss is very strong and can increase the stability of the roof.

  The above guide will help you install the best roof truss system for your new house. However, if you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us for professional advice and insights.

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