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Is aluminum scaffold the future trend?

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Aluminum scaffold is currently one of the most commonly used tools in the construction industry. It has many advantages and is favored by consumers. The most obvious advantage of aluminum scaffold is that it replaces the previously bulky steel scaffold, making its practicality more enhanced. But some people will ask, will aluminum scaffold become the trend in the future?


The development of steel scaffolding has a history of more than 80 years, but the accidents caused by the scaffolding problem are countless. Although steel pipe scaffolding has replaced bamboo scaffolding, the efficiency and safety have been improved a lot compared to before, but the times are developing rapidly, and steel pipe scaffolding has gradually failed to meet the practicability and safety of the current construction industry. For the safety and efficiency of operators, it is imperative to update the scaffolding.

 Aluminum Layher Scaffolding

At present, some developed countries in the world and my country's Hong Kong and Macao regions are paying more and more attention to the safety of construction. And because the traditional steel pipe scaffolding is too heavy and heavy, the installation efficiency of workers is low, resulting in a substantial increase in construction costs. These areas have begun to gradually use aluminum scaffold to replace traditional steel scaffolding. The aluminum scaffold is designed scientifically, it is quick to build and disassemble, light weight, stable, and its safety is greatly improved compared with traditional steel pipe scaffold. At present, aluminum scaffold replaces steel scaffolding, which is the historical trend of future development.


Advantages of aluminum scaffold:

1. The aluminum scaffold is made of lightweight and very strong aviation aluminum alloy. Its components are very light and easy to install, transport and store.

2. Aluminum scaffold can strengthen the rotating and telescopic attachment support structure. Aluminum scaffold is better for high-rise buildings with externally raised balconies, cantilevered beams, variable cross-sections and irregular geometric cross-sections, and the characteristics are more obvious.

3. The bottom supporting truss of aluminum scaffold is prepared according to the building modulus and connected by bolts. It is easy to disassemble and assemble, and basically achieves finalization, assembly, standardization, and strong versatility.

4. The aluminum scaffold has reliable two-way restraint when lifting and using, and the lifting is stable, which can prevent the frame from overturning inside and outside.

5. Aluminum scaffold adopts multifunctional climbing frame construction, only 3~5 people can lift the climbing frame. It saves labor costs, shortens the construction period, and reduces expenditure costs.

6. Aluminum scaffold saves material costs, and the multifunctional climbing frame is only 4 to 4.5 times the height of the floor. It is raised and lowered layer by layer according to the construction progress, reducing the amount of steel used by more than 40% compared with the double-row external scaffolding from the ground to the top layer.

7. When the multifunctional climbing frame is in the ascending state, it can meet the needs of structural construction top steel bar binding, formwork, concrete pouring, and lower formwork turnover. When landing, it can meet the requirements of primer, plastering, paint spraying, veneer, glass curtain wall installation, etc. during decoration construction.

8. Aluminum scaffold is a force transmission system composed of a vertical main frame and a bottom support truss. The axis of the rods of each node converge at one point, with reasonable force and good overall stability.

9. The vertical main frame is a steel frame, and the guide rails are the inner limbs of the vertical main frame, which are set in full length and are not restricted by the change of building height. The aluminum scaffold is easy to install and dismantle; when used, the outer and lower parts are well protected, which is convenient for civilized construction, and the appearance is regular, flat and beautiful.


The design of aluminum scaffold is very important. A comprehensive review of various sizes and specifications as well as the actual application range is required. The actual choice of aluminum scaffold should meet the actual application requirements. Because the aluminum scaffold design and manufacturing process must first consider safety issues, when choosing aluminum scaffold, users should first consider the aluminum scaffold manufacturer’s manufacturing expertise and the manufacturer’s specific manufacturing methods.


In general, the advantages of aluminum scaffold are many. Therefore, with the development of technology and the expansion of the market, the development of aluminum scaffold will be better and better. At the same time, more and more consumers will choose aluminum scaffold as a tool for daily operations. However, the choice of aluminum scaffold products is very important, as long as you choose a good product to ensure your safety.


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