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Is the stage truss safe?

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When setting up a stage for a star, priority is given to the safety of the stage. The safety of stage trusses launched by SHIZHAN Group is reliable and guaranteed.

truss stage

Floding Truss

The stage truss has great advantages for the entire stage frame, and the load bearing capacity is very good. Under normal circumstances, it can fully support the weight of the entire stage. The stage truss is mainly composed of aluminum alloy profiles, and aluminum alloy profiles have higher metal properties. , Excellent corrosion resistance and pressure resistance. The production process of the stage truss of SHIZHAN Group has strict online inspection, and the products are delivered with quality and safety guarantee. Of course, there are precautions in the process of use. In order to ensure safety, the construction personnel must have relevant experience, otherwise accidents are likely to occur.

The stage truss must be fixed from the base, and the rigidity of the column and the base must be guaranteed. In addition, the connection of other parts must also be paid attention to. The connection between the parts must be fixed, so the stability need not be worried. However, at the same time, it is necessary to have sufficient experience of the construction personnel, otherwise even if the foundation is solid, there may be potential safety hazards. Therefore, attention must be paid to the construction details when setting up the stage. Only in this way can a stable, safe and beautiful stage be built.

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