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Keys Points in Fit-up Stage Construction – SHIZHAN

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When it comes to the stage construction or company anniversary, if you want to pursue scale, the general company will hold a large-scale performance to add to the fun, which inevitably requires the construction of a temporary stage. So, what does it take to create a safe, atmospheric stage? let's figure it out together!

Keys points in fit-up stage construction

1. What is the ceiling height of the event venue?

When arranging stage, lighting, and audio-visual equipment, ceiling height has a crucial impact. For rear projection, the minimum recommended height is 22 feet. You will organize a company fit-up stage construction, lighting and audiovisual services to conduct a site visit with you and negotiate the best venue layout based on all your requirements.

2. Is the sight good enough?

Check the room from all angles, are there any pillars, chandeliers, etc. blocking the view? Is every guest able to see the stage or the big screen? Can the chandelier be raised or removed, and how much does fit-up stage construction cost? The chandelier can sometimes be removed, But consider the labor cost: how many people will be involved? How long? How much will it cost?

3. Do you only need one stage or several?

You need to know how many stages to build and where they are located. Not only do they take up a lot of space, but they also affect the total number of tables you can set and the number of guests you can accommodate.

fit-up stage construction

4. How wide and wide does the fit-up stage construction need to be?

What performances will be held on stage? How many people will the stage carry? Should the musicians be placed on the main stage or on the side offstage? According to the different situations of the guests sitting by the table or by the theater, determine the most suitable height of the stage? Is it possible to raise part of the seat? The cost also depends on the number of people involved in the project. From the point of view of allocating this cost to each guest, it is more cost-effective to telegraph seats for large-scale conference events, but it is not very economical for small-scale conference events.

5. Is there a fixed stage at the venue?

Ask for a floor plan of the stage, including the backstage, if you have one, check if there is a ready-made powder room, if there is room for loading and unloading various equipment, what is the width of the aisle, and whether the stage can meet all your requirements.

6. The stage construction should consider the issue of photos of the performance time: if it is a night performance, due to the lights and the stringers of the lights, the convenience of electricity consumption should be considered, so as to avoid the transmission line passing through the auditorium, causing potential safety hazards and increasing performance costs.

keys points in fit-up stage construction

7. The event stage is set up to facilitate the audience to watch: the establishment stage must have a certain height. Depending on the length of the auditorium, the height of the stage is adjusted, the longer the audience, the height of the stage will increase accordingly.

8. There are levels in the stage construction: generally, large-scale outdoor variety shows, large-scale events, and actors, if a larger stage, it is necessary to establish a certain level of design change.

9. Considering the number of upper and lower passages for actors: According to the requirements of the program, there should be enough upper and lower passages for actors. In order to facilitate evacuation, the passages for actors should not be designed as stairs, but ramps should be used to avoid congestion during evacuation.

10. Activity stage: The materials for stage construction are very important, which are rarely encountered in general theaters, but the outdoor activities of large-scale variety shows are an unavoidable problem.

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