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Knowledge about aluminium stage truss

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1. Maintenance knowledge of aluminium stage truss

2. Why is the aluminium stage truss called "small truss"?

Maintenance knowledge of aluminium stage truss

Aluminium stage truss is frequently used in activities, whether it is wedding venue decoration or indoor and outdoor activities, the shadow of aluminium stage truss is everywhere. For the aluminium stage truss, the product will be damaged to some extent during the process of construction, disassembly, transportation and use, and the life span will be shortened for frequent use.

The cleaning work of aluminium stage truss surface

Please don't use rag to wipe the surface of aluminium stage truss for the spoil and rain in use, the surface of aluminium stage truss is generally galvanized, the wiping of rag will lose the gloss of metal surface and look like old. If you need to wipe the surface, please choose a fine soft cloth to reduce the scratch on the aluminium stage truss.

Aluminium stage truss surface corrosion treatment

Aluminium stage truss will produce rust spots after using for a period of time or because of surface cleaning, or because of foreign substance adhesion, this time we need to pay attention to it, after removing the rusty part, we need to spray wax or apply anti-rust paint for maintenance. In addition, some small accessories such as pins and rivets should be checked regularly for anti-rust treatment.

For the special customized aluminium stage truss such as surface baking paint, you can wipe off the surface attached with water and air dry it in a dry warehouse. The aluminium stage truss has a wide range of uses, and the only way to use it longer is to accumulate maintenance tips.

Why is the aluminium stage truss called "aluminum small truss"?

The term "aluminum small truss" refers specifically to the stage aluminum truss to distinguish it from aluminum lighting truss. Today, we will briefly explain why the stage aluminum truss is called "aluminum small truss", hope it will be helpful to you.

Truss: A structure made of rods connected to each other by hinges at both ends. Joist is a plane or space structure made of straight rods with triangular units. Truss rods are mainly subjected to axial tension or pressure, thus making full use of material strength, saving material, reducing weight and increasing stiffness when the span is larger than that of solid web beam.

The truss is a reusable advertising equipment with high efficiency compared with other advertising equipment, and is commonly used by advertisers. In turn, it proves that the aluminium stage truss has higher utilization efficiency and more practical value than other truss products.

Aluminium stage truss is a truss product made of aluminum alloy. The key reason why the aluminium stage truss is called "aluminum alloy truss" is also the material. Metal products choose 20cm x 20cm aluminum alloy square tube to make aluminium stage truss, while the material of conventional aluminum alloy lighting frame is 300cm x 300cm aluminum alloy round tube. There is a big difference between the two.

Although the aluminium stage truss is called "small truss", its function is not small at all.

Therefore, when choosing the form of truss, we should consider the use of truss, material, support method and construction conditions, and suggest to choose the aluminium stage truss under the premise of meeting the usage requirements.

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