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Scaffolding material-Layher scaffolding

Date: 07.02.2020 Viewed: times
Everyone may be unfamiliar. The glorious stage in people's eyes is all set up by Layher. It is also called roulette scaffolding. It is particularly easy to install and disassemble, and the technical requirements are not high. It only needs to be fixed with a hammer. Therefore, it is easy to set up a stage in a short time, no matter where it is.

Layher scaffolding itself has relatively few basic components and is relatively simple, easy to set up, saving time and effort. And the biggest advantage is that the function of the stage of Layher scaffolding is diversified. It can assemble a variety of frame sizes according to detailed construction requirements, have a variety of functional stage equipment, and can also set the curve according to design requirements.

Layher scaffolding

Layher stage

SHIZHAN Group has been engaged in the manufacture of stage trusses for many years and has rich production experience. If you have any intention, please come to consult.

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