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Maintenance of truss stage

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The stage truss has high strength and can withstand a lot of pressure, but it also needs to be maintained like humans. The maintenance of stage truss has two main functions, which can maintain the appearance of stage truss and extend the service life of stage truss.

Avoid touching the stage truss with acid and alkaline objects. The aluminum alloy truss can indicate that it is forming a protective film, but it does not block any corrosion. Long-term contact with acid and alkaline objects will cause corrosion and should be avoided.

aluminum alloy truss

At the same time, the process of using the stage truss avoids strong friction and collision, and the most vulnerable to damage is during installation, disassembly, and transportation. During these processes, the stage truss is more prone to friction and collision, such as dragging or disassembling the stage truss on the ground When the stage truss is smashed to the ground, these damages are difficult to repair, which not only affects the aesthetics of the stage truss, but also directly reduces the service life of the stage truss.

Shizhan Group has many years of manufacturing experience in the field of truss, and there are some good stage truss maintenance methods. Contact me and tell you the secrets of truss maintenance.So have you paid attention to the maintenance of your stage truss today?

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