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Maintenance points of mobile scaffolding galvanized

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The appearance of scaffolding is mainly to help us advance the project progress more quickly. Because the frequency of use is still relatively high, the daily maintenance work cannot be ignored. So what are the main points of storage and maintenance of mobile scaffolding?
Aluminum scaffolding installation 

Aluminum scaffolding installation

The mobile scaffolding galvanized in use should be returned to the expenditure database and classified deposit in time. When stacking in the open air, the site should be level and well drained, with supporting pads underneath and covered with a thatch cloth, and accessories and parts should be stored indoors. Establish and improve the system of issuing, recycling, introspection, and maintenance of mobile scaffolding tools and materials, and implement quotas or leases to reduce losses in the use process.

Stop the rust removal and anti-rust treatment of the components of the mobile scaffolding. In areas with high humidity, apply anti-rust paint once a year, and generally should be painted once every two years. The fasteners should be oiled. The bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. When there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each use and coated with engine oil to prevent rust.

The fasteners, nuts, backing plates, bolts and other small accessories used in the mobile scaffolding galvanized are easily lost. The extra parts should be recycled and stored in time during construction, and they should be checked and accepted in time during removal, and they should not be littered. 

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