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New Product-Automatic lifting platform

Date: 14.05.2020 Viewed: times

Good news !

Shizhan Group developed a new product - automatic lifting platform these days. The height can rise from 1.5m to 4.5m. The hole system includes the stairs ,the platform ,motor and the lift system.

 automatic lifting platform

Here are the advantage as below:

1. All the material are made of aluminum alloy which is light and convenient.

2. The stairs are movable, it is easy for you to operate.

3. The motor control stable, people will not feel uncomfortable when they stand on the platform.

4. Warranty : 1 year.

In concert performance , the equipment-driven table formwork method is a useful alternative for improving productivity of horizontal formwork with less skilled labor. The lifting system significantly affects the productivity and costs of table formwork operation.

This study proposes a new system integrated with the construction hoists for automating the lifting process of table formwork. The system targets crane-independent transportation for productivity improvements while overcoming the limitations of the existing independent lifting system, which include high initial cost and extra work for assembly and operation.

In a case study, the proposed system showed 49.4% improved productivity over a tower crane, and equipment costs were 73.8% lower than those of the existing independent system. The simplified structure of the system through integration with the hoist could minimize the additional time and cost inputs for its assembly and operation. The proposed system could provide more flexible and stable scheduling at a lower cost in tall-building construction with short cycle times and excessive lifting loads.

Shizhan Group not only owns the sale of automatic lifting platforms, but also a stage truss supplier. It has many years of experience in truss stage sales. Whether it is irregular truss sales or folding truss customization, World Expo will be committed to meeting customer needs.

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