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One-stop service provision for SHIZHAN Truss Stage

Date: 21.01.2020 Viewed: times
As a supplier with many years of rich experience, World Exhibition Group provides one-stop solutions and services for different entertainment, leisure, exhibition, and sports industries.
Aluminum truss
Before sale
Service starts with the product selection we offer you. Before buying, you can ask us by phone, email and real, we will provide relevant truss product help and advice.

During the sale
We are looking for better logistics methods so that we can deliver as soon as possible.

After sale
If you find that you have technical problems with the truss stage, we have a team of internal technicians who will answer your questions and help you quickly and effectively.

In addition to the conventional size truss stage products, the World Exhibition Group can also accept various customizations, and ensure that the products meet the safety load before they are delivered to the customers. This is the responsibility to the customers, but also to ourselves.

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