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How should the Outdoor Bleacher seats be cleaned and maintained?

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It is important to choose the right Outdoor Bleacher seat, and it is also essential to clean and maintain the Outdoor Bleacher seat regularly. Knowledge of proper use and maintenance will not only make the Outdoor Bleacher seat look as good as new, but also extend the life of the Outdoor Bleacher seat. Let's take a brief look at how to clean and maintain the Outdoor Bleacher seats of different materials.

Leather bleacher seats

Usually leather has good moisture and ventilation, often used in high-class sofas and VIP theater chairs or multifunctional rooms, etc. Its characteristics are not easy to fade after dyeing, has an elegant color, excellent touch and beautiful appearance. Therefore, the general maintenance can be simple scrubbing with a soft dry rag, but not with chemicals, such as petroleum alcohol or thinner, or it will lead to changes in the appearance of the seat and leather surface. You can use warm water diluted neutral detergent 3% first scrub, and then wipe off the detergent with a clean water rag, let it dry naturally, and then use the appropriate leather maintenance agent average scrubbing can be.

Aluminum Outdoor Bleacher seats

As the seats are plated or polished and baked paint treatment, maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the daily scrubbing agent with a cotton cloth can be scrubbed. If oxidation occurs, you can use aluminum alloy special maintenance products, scrub once a quarter, to maintain the bright and shiny.

Outdoor Bleacher raw material seats

Cleaning is relatively simple, with a soft wet cloth scrub can be. Just in the process of daily use, to remind the audience despite the prevention of beverages, chemicals, as well as water vapor and overheated objects, etc., to prevent violations of the color of wood appearance.

Outdoor Bleacher

Hollow blow molding Outdoor Bleacher seats

Because the appearance of the seat has a lacquer coating, so you need to take good care of hollow blow molding seat appearance, on time to hollow blow molding seat appearance lacquer cleaning, it is recommended that once every three months, choose a wet soft towel to wipe away the hollow blow molding seat appearance of dust and dirt, wait for the appearance of air dry, with home wax or liquid wax to scrub the appearance can be.

Of course, for the different fabric hollow blow molding seat, there are other methods of care. When the surface of the fabric chair and seat back, armrests and seat surface of the cracks stained with dust, you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck clean. If there is other granular dirt, you can use a soft brush to lightly brush. If stained with juice and beverage liquid, you can use a dry rag to remove the water, then scrub with warm water detergent, and then use a clean cloth to dry the water and dry at low temperature. If the seat has a special noise, you can use the lubricating fluid sprayed in the axis of the joints near or taut spring, etc., can eliminate the noise.

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