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Performance equipment--concert stage truss

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For concert stage truss believe we are very familiar with, whether in real life or on television we will often see the gorgeous stage effects, these are to concert stage truss to play the role of support. The actual application of this concert stage truss not only requires the ability to build the stage, hanging background cloth and audio-visual lighting, etc., but most importantly, to ensure its sturdiness. As we can see, there are many different styles and categories of stage trusses, the most common one is the standard one, which is processed and shaped according to the relevant industry standards and then built up, with simple structure and uncomplicated installation. There is also a kind of light type, obviously this concert stage truss is designed specifically for the smaller stage and the composition of the material is a little finer than the standard type, and thus the bearing force is relatively small standard type, only suitable for small performance activities. The truss is the strongest one among all and has the largest bearing capacity. In addition to the above classification, sometimes the stage trusses are divided according to their shapes, such as triangular trusses and trapezoidal trusses and polygonal trusses.


What methods and techniques should be noted in the process of building concert stage truss?

Installation of concert stage truss need to pay attention to which points

The process of aluminum alloy truss erection

Notes on purchasing Concert stage truss





What methods and techniques should be noted in the process of building concert stage truss?

First of all, when building concert stage truss, you need to pay attention to whether the height is appropriate, nowadays, celebrations are very common, and many celebrations are organized by companies, in the process of holding celebrations, the audience will not only watch the performance, but also interact with the actors on stage, so the design of the stage truss should not be too high for this situation, it needs to be moderate, so that the interactive communication will be The height of concert stage truss should be combined with the form of performance, these are issues that should not be ignored.

The second is whether the aesthetic effect of the stage truss can reach the standard, the decorative effect needs to be different in different places, for example, some places need to build the stage truss to highlight the solemn atmosphere, for this case when choosing the stage truss, we should pay attention to the choice of color and material, after the stage truss is fixed and installed can be more convenient.

In addition, the stage truss should be built in accordance with the safety standards, so that it can be safer when performing on the stage, and also to avoid safety hazards during use, these are the issues that need attention during the design and installation of the stage truss.




Installation of concert stage truss need to pay attention to which points

1. The measurement work should be followed up in time, tracking measurement, timely observation of the settlement of tire frame and load-bearing scaffold, adjustment of node elevation of truss, so that the elevation and axis of truss meet the design requirements and ensure the assembly quality of truss.

2. Since the assembling task of concert stage truss is a high-altitude construction with certain danger, safety handrails should be set up on the scaffolding to ensure the safety of operators' operation.

3. The pipe joints should be reinforced at the segments of the pipe truss chords to avoid damage and deformation during transportation, and to ensure the accuracy of the interface to avoid misalignment. Guide plate should be set at the pipe joints to facilitate accurate alignment of the pipe joints, and the assembled joints should be polished into smooth transition after welding.

4. When welding and assembling, be sure to pay attention to the order of grouping and welding, strictly implement the process, and ensure the geometric ruler of the components.

5. The distance between the crossbar and the middle of the beam can not be too large, the height of the stage lights hundred light frame as close as possible to the height of the crossbar, try to use the height of the column, otherwise the beam is easy to shake, the staff to go to the row of lighting and sound is prone to danger.

6. Concert stage truss at higher locations should do some safety measures, such as: increase the diagonal column, diagonal rod, ceiling and other fixed measures. Otherwise, it is easy to cause collapse accidents. Remember not to add tarpaulin, netting and other actions above the shelf, which will increase the horizontal force of the stage light frame, increase the horizontal area of the stage light frame, which may be affected by the increased wind, causing accidents. Do not be cautious in bad weather to use the stage lighting rack, typhoons, rainstorms and other bad weather is prone to accidents, should be prepared, in the outdoor stage lighting rack if such a situation, should be promptly removed or the height down to a safe point.

There are many ways to build concert stage truss, but pay attention to these safety measures to prevent stage safety accidents. It is very necessary to understand the safe building methods of these stage trusses in order to have a smooth stage event.




The process of aluminum alloy truss erection

Take making 12*6*6m light stage frame for example, it needs materials: 12 aluminum alloy trusses of 3m, 8 aluminum alloy trusses of 2m, 8 aluminum alloy trusses of 1m, 8 diagonal braces, 4 iron seats, 4 buttresses, 4 square sleeves, 4 cross stretchers, 4 booms, 4 winches, 4 screws, the opposite end of aluminum alloy trusses: 1m trusses, with loose-leaf connection in the middle, the upper part can be rotated along the connection axis 180 degrees. The main installation steps are as follows.

1. Connect the two ends of the beam with two square sleeves on both sides. At this point, the beam components are assembled on the ground.

2. Connect the column truss flat, then screw one end on the other end and the other end on the crossbar. At the same time, connect the hoist to the cross-stretcher. The role of the hoist is to lift the beam truss below.

3. Connecting wrench (consisting of spring, screw, head, nut and wrench)

4. Beautiful and generous, strong brightness, no rust, reuse, strong bearing capacity, simple disassembly, easy transportation and storage.




Notes on purchasing Concert stage truss

Concert stage truss and other products have a good sales situation in the market. Many special consumption of such products manufacturers in order to adhere to the advantages in the market competition, the innovative design of these stage-related products and new technology research and development work has not stopped, the marketing business pay close attention to the market situation, to ensure control and new and good products to meet the social supply.

The positive action of the consumer and distributor brings great convenience to the consumer's stage truss acquisition, but it is necessary to pay attention to what should be paid attention to in the detailed acquisition process. First of all, pay attention to the investigation of the market certification norms, in accordance with the relatively unified, and is relatively strict norms to choose products. Secondly, we should pay attention to the choice of the stage truss brand, fully consider the reputation of the manufacturer and brand, but also do a good job of identifying the brand true and false. Third, each purchase of products should be separated from the detailed stage construction needs, the size, size to stop reasonable choice, not haphazard selection.

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