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Popular science knowledge about aluminum truss

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Aluminum truss is also called truss, truss frame. Generally, it is a combination of 6061-T6 aluminum through cutting, processing, welding, polishing, painting and other treatments. Aluminum truss is a system widely used in performances, exhibitions, event celebrations, background layout, lighting and sound hanging, etc.


Aluminum truss can be built into various large, medium and small truss systems according to the site, and can be flexibly combined according to specific requirements. Aluminum truss is lightweight, easy to build and transport, and its maximum span can reach more than 30 meters. Aluminum truss is extremely resistant to compression, corrosion and durability. According to the shape, aluminum truss can be divided into square frame, tripod and special-shaped frame.


Aluminum truss is mainly composed of the following points: 6061-T6 type, 3mm thick round aluminum, 10mm thick triangular aluminum plate and end ring pieces. A complete aluminum truss system is mainly composed of various aluminum truss of different lengths and specifications, bases, reverse heads, diagonal supports, square sleeves, cross arms, gourds, slings, and build combinations.

 Square Spigot Truss

If it is said that some buildings built on the construction site, as long as they are connected by poles and hinges, they can be said to be a new type of building material. Aluminum truss accessories are easy to use and easy to disassemble. The most important thing is that it can reduce its own weight and increase its stiffness. When we see an aluminum truss, we will find that in addition to the straight rod, many joints have some small accessories, some like nuts, some hexagonal joints and so on. In short, according to the shape of aluminum truss, what kind of accessories are there. It can be said that without it, the installation will not succeed.


The role of aluminum truss accessories:

1. The role of the connection is obvious. Without accessories, aluminum truss cannot be built.

2. Strengthen the role of the bracket, good accessories play a great role in the safety performance of aluminum truss. It can improve the robustness, safety and stability of aluminum truss.

3. Significantly save materials, and for construction, reduce construction costs. Especially steel trusses are indispensable things in modern architecture.

When we need aluminum truss, we cannot ignore the role of its accessories. Only when two things complement each other can it be possible to make full use of aluminum truss and ensure the safety of personnel.

 12 inch aluminum square box truss" alt="12 inch aluminum square box truss" />

The construction of aluminum truss on the stage:

In large-span factory buildings, exhibition halls, stadiums, bridges and other public buildings, stage truss structures are rarely used. The straight rods of the lower chord of the stage truss are subjected to axial force and are connected to the reaction nodes to form a geometrically constant load-bearing structure located at the lower edge of the aluminum truss. In order to expand the stage and increase the cultural atmosphere, the stage can be extended from below the main stage and flattened with the main stage, so that the actors have more space to perform and get close to the audience to obtain various extraordinary effects. If not used, the stage can be retracted to the main stage to increase the dominant area of the stage.


Its more important meaning is to transform the complex stress state of the actual web beam under the transverse bending into the simple tension and compression stress state of aluminum truss members. In this way, you can intuitively understand the diffusion and transmission of the force, which is convenient for planning changes and combinations. Whether it is bending or shear resistance, the truss structure can fully explain the data strength and is suitable for various cross-roof structures.


Compared with the actual web beam, the shear force of the truss beam can be slowly transferred to the support through the reasonable arrangement of the web members in terms of shear resistance. In terms of bending resistance, because the tension and compression sections are concentrated on the concave and convex ends, the internal force arm is increased, so that the bending strength is completed with the same amount of data. The stage building itself must consider the traffic problems of the participants, as long as the fast and safe passage and traffic can absorb as many audiences as possible to participate in the exhibition activities.


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