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Portable stage lighting truss, the Guardian of construction workers

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Portable stage lighting trusses refer to various supports erected on the construction site for workers to operate and solve vertical and horizontal transportation. It has the characteristics of simple assembly and disassembly, good load-bearing performance, safe and reliable use, etc., and the development speed is very fast. Among all kinds of new scaffolding, the portable stage lighting truss is the first to be developed and used the most. The portable stage lighting truss was first successfully developed by the United States. By the early 1960s, countries such as Europe and Japan successively applied and developed this type of scaffolding. Since the end of the 1970s, our country has successively introduced and used this kind of scaffolding from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.


The main composition of the portable stage lighting truss

The portable stage lighting truss is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal frame, cross diagonal brace, scaffold board, adjustable base, etc. The cross tie rod is also called the diagonal tie rod, which is a cross type tie rod that connects two masts longitudinally. The flattened parts at both ends of the rod are punched with pin holes, which are locked firmly with the lock pins on the mast pole during assembly. Surface treatment: electroplating (cold galvanizing), dipping galvanized (hot-dip galvanizing) casters: also known as ground wheels, can be installed under the portable stage lighting truss to form a mobile scaffold. It can be used for electromechanical installation, paint painting, and equipment maintenance. The movable work platform for advertising production. The casters are 6 inches with brakes, which are easy to use, flexible to move, safe and reliable.


Classification of portable stage lighting trusses

The scaffolding made of steel pipe materials currently used in China includes fastener steel scaffolding, bowl buckle steel scaffolding, buckle scaffolding, socket steel scaffolding, portal scaffolding, trapezoidal scaffolding, and all kinds of inner scaffolding. , Hanging scaffolding and other steel pipe scaffolding.


Portable stage lighting trusses welding fixture requirements

1) It has sufficient strength and rigidity, which is conducive to the adjustment and compensation of the position of the positioner and the clamping mechanism;

2) Facilitate the implementation of assembly and welding operations;

3) The weldment that has been assembled and welded can be easily removed;

4) Contaminants such as welding slag and scale are prone to; there must be electrical, thermal, water and ventilation conditions;

5) It should have anti-deformation function when necessary.


Portable stage lighting trusses to prevent collapse safety measures

1. Strictly control the construction materials and strictly prohibit the heavily corroded steel pipes and fasteners from entering the site.

2. After the concrete is poured, it should reach the strength required by the specification before it can be demolished.

3. In order to ensure the stability of the overall structure of the scaffold, scissor supports should be set up as required.

4. When the portable stage lighting truss is dismantled, it should be dismantled in accordance with the requirements of "from top to bottom, layer by layer".

5. According to box culverts with different spans and portable stage lighting trusses, calculate the scaffold step distance, horizontal distance and longitudinal distance to ensure structural stability and quan coefficient before construction, and make an explanation with the construction team.

6. Check the scaffold support structure before concrete pouring. The inspection content should include whether the step distance, horizontal distance and longitudinal distance between the steel pipes meet the requirements of the bottom and whether the bolts of the connecting fasteners are loosened, and the concrete can be carried out after meeting the requirements. Pouring construction.


Maintenance work of portable stage lighting truss that builders need to know

Portable stage lighting trusses is one of the important tools indispensable for building construction. Therefore, both the use and maintenance of scaffolding need to be understood and well-known to the builders.

1. The portable stage lighting truss in use should be returned to the expenditure database and stored by classification in time. When stacking in the open air, the site should be level with good drainage, with supporting pads underneath and covered with thatch cloth, and accessories and parts should be stored indoors.

2. Establish and improve the system of receiving, recycling, introspection and maintenance of portable stage lighting truss tool materials. According to the criteria of who uses, who maintains, and who manages, implement quota acquisition or lease methods to increase loss and loss.

3. Stop rust removal and anti-rust treatment for the components of the portable stage lighting truss. In areas with high humidity, apply anti-rust paint once a year, and generally should be painted once every two years. The fasteners should be oiled. The bolts should be galvanized to prevent rust. When there is no condition for galvanizing, it should be washed with kerosene after each use and coated with engine oil to prevent rust.

4. After the tool-type portable stage lighting truss is removed, it needs to be repaired and maintained in time and stored as a complete set.

5. The fasteners, nuts, backing plates, bolts and other small accessories used in the portable stage lighting truss are easy to lose. The extra parts should be recycled and stored in time when they are being installed, and they should be checked and accepted in time when they are removed, and they should not be left in disorder.

The maintenance measures for the portable stage lighting truss are to avoid unnecessary troubles in the future use process, so its daily maintenance can not be ignored and must be reduced. Our Suzhou Anta Scaffolding Engineering Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the maintenance of portable stage lighting trusses.


Six functions of portable stage lighting truss

1. When the portable stage lighting truss is in construction, it is necessary to ensure the continuity of the engineering operation.

2. It can meet the material transportation and stacking requirements required by the construction operation, and is convenient for operation.

3. It can play a protective role for workers at high places to ensure the personal safety of construction workers.

4. The operation will not affect the work efficiency and the quality of the project.

5. The portable stage lighting truss can also meet the requirements of multi-layer operation, cross operation, flow operation and coordination operation among multiple types of work.

6. The bigger feature is that this kind of scaffold can be moved at any time, and it is more convenient to install and disassemble.


The construction of portable stage lighting truss should not be sloppy

(1) When erecting mobile quick-connect scaffolding, all materials used must meet the quality requirements.

(2) The construction foundation of the mobile quick-connect scaffold needs to be firm, calculated before erection, to meet the load requirements, and erect according to the construction specifications, and take good drainage measures.

(3) The technical requirements for erection of scaffolding should comply with relevant regulations.

(4) It is necessary to attach great importance to various structural measures: scissor braces, tie points, etc. should be set up as required.

(5) Horizontally enclosed: should start from step, every step or two steps, full of scaffolding or scaffolding, the scaffolding board should be laid along the long direction, and the joints should be overlapped on the small crossbar. Empty board is strictly prohibited.

(6) Vertical closure: From step to step 5, each step requires a 1.00m high protective railing and toe board or a net on the inner side of the outer row of vertical poles, and the protective pole (net) is fastened to the vertical pole; In addition to protective barriers above five steps, all safety fences or safety nets should be set up; in the streets or densely populated areas, you should start from the steps, and all the outsides should be set up with safety fences or safety nets.

(7) The erection of mobile quick-connect scaffolding should be 1.5m above the top of the building or the operating surface, and additional enclosures should be added.

(8) Steel pipes, fasteners, scaffold boards and connection points on the erected scaffold shall not be removed at will. When it is necessary during construction, the person in charge of the construction site shall agree to scaffold in Changshu and take effective measures. After the process is completed, it will be restored immediately.


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