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Precautions for aluminum lighting truss transportation

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Commonly used light stands are generally made of aluminum alloy welding, which can be purchased or leased. Because stage lighting is needed many times now, it is inevitable to use stage lighting stand, so you will encounter the problem of aluminum lighting truss transportation. Although the stage lighting stand itself is light in weight, easy to transport and easy to install, but its fixed volume is large, and the aluminum is not wear-resistant and easy to be scratched, so certain protective measures are required during transportation.


Aluminum lighting truss can generally be covered with a layer of film to isolate dust and some aerosol corrosion. Aluminum lighting truss is packaged with a bubble film on the surface to prevent minor collisions and friction, and play a role of shock absorption and cushioning. Don't just leave it unpacked or just wrap it in ordinary plastic bags just to save trouble. The plastic bag has almost no protective effect on aluminum lighting truss, and it is easy to wear and tear, and it is easy to damage the appearance of aluminum lighting truss and destroy the surface coating. Aluminum lighting truss are generally treated with acid or other anti-oxidation treatments to prevent the aluminum from becoming black and unsightly after oxidation, so be careful not to damage its surface during transportation.


If aluminum lighting truss needs better protection, you can put a layer of paper wrapper on it to get the best protection. Other related accessories and accessories of aluminum lighting truss are best to be packaged separately and marked on the outside, so that not only the collision friction is minimized, but also it is easy to find.

 Aluminum Plate Truss

Functions of aluminum lighting truss accessories:

1. Base. It mainly plays a supporting role, and more iron is used in the material, which is more stable.  

2. Wheel base. It mainly presses several wheels under the base, which is more convenient when running. In order to prevent it from moving easily, there are brakes on the wheels. The four holes on the base can connect diagonal supports.

3. Aluminum alloy double-layer base. If it is a screw-type truss, or a pin-type aluminum lighting truss, then you can choose this type of base. It can connect diagonal supports all around it.  

4. Inclined support. The crossbar is generally made of iron, and the slash is generally made of aluminum alloy. The crossbar is mainly inserted into the base, and the slash is buckled on the column.  

5. Square head. It is mainly used around corners.

6. Cross arm. The cross arm needs to be of good quality and able to bear a certain weight.

7. Reverse head. It is mainly used for the construction of uprights.

8. Square set. It is mainly used for connection, and there are pulleys inside.

9. Hang the gourd. It is mainly used to lift the beam.

How to build a background wall with aluminum lighting truss:

1. First place the base of aluminum lighting truss at a predetermined position on the ground;

2. Screw the reverse head to the base of aluminum lighting truss, pay attention to the direction of rotation of the reverse head, generally it is better to turn to the side of the middle beam;

3. Put the upper sleeve on the reverse head;

4. Assemble the beam of the light stand, and then connect the two ends to the square sleeves on both sides. If the position of the base is not aligned, you need to move the base repeatedly to connect the beam to the square sleeve;

5. Assemble the column on the ground, screw the cross arm on it, and hang the chain hoist on the cross arm;

6. Move the column to the beam, and screw the bottom end of the column and the upper end of the reverse head;

7. A group of people slowly erect the column together. In order to strengthen the stability, a horizontal extension support can be inserted into the base. When the column is erected, the reverse head is screwed down and fixed;

8. Erect another upright in the same way;

9. Wrap the sling around the beam, and then hook the sling with the hook under the hoist by the handle;

10. One person on each side of the column will pull up the hoist synchronously until the beam reaches a height of one person;

11. Then insert the diagonal supports on the bases on both sides, and screw the two ends of the diagonal supports to the column and the base respectively;

12. Hang various lighting and audio equipment on the beam, and finish debugging;

13. The two people then pull the beam to the preset position synchronously, and the gantry frame of the background wall is set up at this time.


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