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Precautions in Outdoor Metal Stage Construction

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In the planning and performance of exhibition planning and celebration activities, the construction of the event stage is a physical task. If it is not done properly, it will hurt oneself. Then, when we build the event stage, how can we build a safe and suitable theme stage? What are the tips and precautions for building?

Skills in the outdoor stage construction

1. Most of the stages are composed of steel pipe supports and wooden boards, and common stages include T-shaped stages and rectangular stages, so under normal circumstances, it is best to have two people frame at the same time, so that the movements are unified and coordinated. , the effect will be very good, very fast.

2. When building the stage, the four steel pipes are used as the legs, and a piece of wood is used as the table top. The wood board is formed on the steel pipe legs. At this time, when the wood is erected, we must ensure that the gap between each stage board is minimized, so that It is beneficial to the firmness of the stage and to the safety and smooth progress of the performance.

3. The truss is tied to the legs on both sides of the stage. Many truss steel structures that appear now are relatively good. The cost of this kind of truss is relatively high. It is wasteful to use this kind of truss for performances, and you can use ordinary trusses.

4. The general truss used in ordinary small-scale theatrical performances. We tie the truss to the legs of the stage, and then fix it with ropes on both sides of the stage to stabilize the place, and then fix the entire stage with the objects on both sides. Well, such a complete stage is built.

outdoor stage construction

Precautions in stage construction

1. The site selection problem should be considered when building the event stage. For the promotion activities of displaying products, the stage is not just a platform in name, but a stage that attracts the public's attention, thereby maximizing the publicity effect, so prosperous A location or a well-known venue would be better;

2. The site selection should be conducive to the gathering and evacuation of people. Because a large number of people are required in many business activities, the construction of the event stage must take into account the traffic problem. Only fast and convenient traffic can attract as many people as possible. audience, so as to achieve the performance of actors or the promotion of products;

3. The equipment problem of outdoor stage construction, do not have damaged equipment, ensure the safety of personnel, and perfect equipment can make the stage alive and play the role of the stage as a publicity platform more effectively. The outdoor stage construction is not simple. It is a platform, but to promote the activity itself, so pay attention to the above 3 points when building, and also pay attention to the safety of personnel;

4. Consider the safety of the stage. This is very important. Before building, we have to calculate how many people will stand on the stage and how many things will be placed, so as to ensure that we know how many supporting iron shelves are placed when building later;

5. Consider the aesthetics of the stage. The stage should not be simple, and everything that should be decorated should be well decorated. Carpets, lights, curtains, etc. must be done. When beautifying the stage, it is necessary to achieve seamless splicing, so that it will give people a formal and atmospheric feeling.

precautions in stage construction

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