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Precautions for the use of aluminum mobile scaffolding

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Aluminum mobile scaffolding will be used in the case of interior decoration or construction of new real estate. How to use aluminum mobile scaffolding? What must be paid attention to in the whole process of aluminum mobile scaffolding application? Let me share with you the precautions for using aluminum mobile scaffolding.


The distance between the aluminum mobile scaffolding column and the wall should not exceed 150mm. The upper and lower door frames must be assembled with connecting rods and locking arms, and cross-type support points should be set on both the inner and outer sides and locked with the lock pins on the door frame columns. The installation of aluminum mobile scaffolding should be widened from one end to the other, and the erection position should be changed step by step, and should not be carried out relatively. Cross-type support points, horizontal frames or scaffolding should be set up immediately following the installation of the main frame. The pin arms and hooks connecting the mast and parts must be locked. A horizontal frame must be installed at the upper end of the aluminum mobile scaffolding high-rise door frame, the connecting wall installation layer, and the protective shed.


When the aluminum mobile scaffolding door frame erection height is lower than 45m, along the scaffolding height, the horizontal frame should be erected in at least two steps. When the erection height of the portal frame exceeds 45m, the horizontal frame shall be installed at each step. No matter how big the scaffold is, it should be installed at every step within a span of the corners, tops and breaks of the scaffold.

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The horizontal frame can be replaced by a hook-type scaffold or horizontal structural reinforcement rods installed on both sides of the door frame, and it should be continuously installed in the installation layer. When the cross-type support points on the inner side of aluminum mobile scaffolding are temporarily dismantled due to engineering construction needs, horizontal frames should be installed above and directly below them. When the aluminum mobile scaffolding height exceeds 50m, a continuous horizontal structural reinforcement rod should be installed on both sides of the portal scaffold every 4 steps. Sealing rods should be added under the bottom door frame, and long sweeping rods are set on the inside and both sides of the door frame. The horizontal structure reinforcement rod should be fastened with aluminum mobile scaffolding fasteners and the mast pole.


Precautions for using aluminum mobile scaffolding:

1. Before using aluminum mobile scaffolding, thoroughly inspect the scaffolding that has been built, and ensure that all assembly instructions are followed, and that there is no damage to the scaffolding parts.

2. Only when aluminum mobile scaffolding has been leveled and all casters and adjusting legs have been fixed, can you climb on this scaffolding.

3. When there are people and objects on the platform, do not move or adjust this scaffold.

4. You can climb into the platform from the internal ladder of aluminum mobile scaffolding, or from the steps of the built ladder, you can also enter through the aisle of the frame, or enter the working platform through the opening of the platform.

5. If a vertical extension device is added to the base part, external support or widening tools must be used to fix the scaffold.

6. When the height of the aluminum mobile scaffolding platform exceeds 1.20m, a safety fence must be used.

7. Install and lock the tension bars on the scaffold according to the instructions for use to enhance its stability.

8. When building aluminum mobile scaffolding, the brakes of the casters must be stopped and the level must be adjusted.

9. The bayonet of aluminum mobile scaffolding connection should ensure the connection is stable.

10. Climbing ladders, platform boards, and opening boards must be hooked and clicked.

11. When the platform slab of single-width scaffolding exceeds 4m, and the height of the platform slab of double-width scaffolding exceeds 6rn, external support boards must be used.

12. The external support connection vertical rod must be tightened, not loose, the lower end must not be suspended, and the lower end must be close to the ground.

13. A horizontal support rod is required for every two diagonal support rods.

14. The nut of the connecting buckle must be tightened, and the vertical rod and the reinforcing rod must be firmly clamped.

15. When the height of aluminum mobile scaffolding platform is l5m, reinforcement rods must be used.

16. The brakes of the casters must be released when moving, and the lower end of the outer support must be off the ground. It is strictly forbidden to move when there are people on the scaffold.

17. It is strictly forbidden to use tools that produce strong impact on aluminum mobile scaffolding.

18. Aluminum mobile scaffolding is strictly prohibited to be used in strong winds, and overloaded use is strictly prohibited.

19. Scaffolding can only be used on solid ground (flat hard ground, concrete ground), etc. It is strictly forbidden to use it on soft ground!

20. All operators must wear safety helmets and fasten safety belts when building, disassembling and using aluminum mobile scaffolding!


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