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Precautions when building stage truss

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Everyone knows that the key tool that will definitely be used when building stage truss is the truss. Stage truss is the basic structure of the stage. Only with it can various imagination creations be performed on it and the stage becomes very beautiful. However, the safety issues of stage truss cannot be ignored. In order to avoid accidents, Shizhan Group recommends that you learn more about the precautions for stage truss construction.


What elements should be paid attention to when building stage truss?

What are the regulations that need to be followed when stage truss is built?

How to choose stage truss and how to use it to be safe?


What elements should be paid attention to when building stage truss?

What elements should be paid attention to when building stage truss? People often talk about the efficiency of building stage truss: it is easy to build stage trusses, just put them together. However, in practice, people find that stage truss is not easy to build. Even the information collected through the internet channel, the stage truss construction is general, unfocused and focused, which makes people puzzled.


In fact, no matter what kind of stage truss is built, site leveling is an important element, and a more important element. There is an old saying that circulates: "If the ground is not level, things will be troublesome." No matter what kind of Stage truss, if the site is not flat, how to build all the effort, even if built well also prone to accidents ...... before, a singer tour Stage truss on the site is not flat, and not timely repair, resulting in the collapse of the lighting rack, resulting in a safety accident.


Site flat, for Stage truss, does not mean that the site flatness is 0 °, but that the overall environment of the site. That is, the ground is flat without ups and downs, and the environment is superior, not in the wind, can avoid the impact of high winds on it. Of course, in the indoor environment, the site leveling requirement is not so much, the ground can be flat. Let's take our folding truss as an example and briefly explain the construction of Stage truss.


Shizhan's Stage truss is one of the commonly used trusses, mostly used in annual meetings, conferences, weddings, etc. It is a small and practical Stage truss product. It is not difficult to find out that in any occasion, as long as the venue is flat, the stage truss can show outstanding effect, and with the event, it can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.


What are the regulations that need to be followed when stage truss is built?

What are the regulations that need to be followed when stage truss is built?Shizhan has the answer here. Kunming aluminum stage truss erection manufacturer mentioned that the aluminum stage truss has been fully considered in the environmental process when it is installed and erected, thus reflecting the basic characteristics of the ground as a whole and forming an ideal static and dynamic contrast unity with the whole surrounding environment; moreover, in a sense, it has become a part of the regional visual system.


The installation process of aluminum stage truss should pay attention to the balance and coordination of various facilities in the eye line. All kinds of facilities should not only be in structural size, shape and color with full consideration of harmony, but also echo, neat and unified to give people a beautiful enjoyment. If set improperly, it will often cause safety problems. Therefore, the shape, size, height and color of the aluminum stage truss should be distinctive and eye-catching, uplifting and active, but also harmonious and not harsh.


When the aluminum stage truss is erected, the evacuation and gathering road of the crowd must be left enough to avoid unsafe hidden dangers inside, and then some solid points are strictly checked when it is erected to ensure the safety of the aluminum stage truss when it is used in the wedding.


Shizhan Group also said that for different themes of weddings, there will be different wedding stage truss structure needs, so when building, the first thing to determine is what is the building plan for the whole event, after determining the building plan, there will be a better event stage truss construction that meets the safety requirements.


How to choose stage truss and how to use it to be safe?

The first thing to pay attention to is to choose the better material of aluminum stage truss, now very popular is the metal truss, because its quality is lighter and has good strength, while the surface is smooth, so it will not bring harm to people.


Secondly, it is important to observe whether the sections of the aluminum stage truss are well connected, generally these parts need special processing and protection. If you want to paint the exterior of the truss, use especially degreasing treatment, so that the corrosion prevention ability will be better.


Besides, the structure shape of aluminum stage truss should be taken into consideration. The relatively safe shape is trapezoid, with the two parallel sides of the trapezoid as the contact plane parallel to the ground, which will be very solid. And it also enables the audience from different angles to have a good line of sight to observe the performance on the stage, the space formed will have a good depth and the picture will have a more three-dimensional sense.


In order to extend the service life of aluminum stage truss as much as possible and reduce its damage, it is necessary to improve its shear stress. Generally speaking, through reasonable arrangement of webs, the shear force can be transferred to the support gradually, so that the material strength can be given full play and thus be suitable for various needs.


The above is Shizhan Group's explanation of "How to choose and build aluminum stage truss and how to use it safely?" I hope this article can help you. If you have any questions or needs about the truss, please call the hotline on the home page, we have the appropriate personnel to answer for you. If you like this article you can pay attention to our website, we will update the product knowledge from time to time to help you better understand the knowledge of such products.

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