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Prevention Measure of Outdoor Large Round Stage Collapse

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How to prevent stage accidents? At present, there are countless performances every day in every city in China, which brings great joy to people's spirits. However, due to various factors, stage accidents are also emerging one after another. It not only has the possibility of harming the audience, but also brings great losses to the organizers of the event. Today, I will discuss with you about the stage collapse accident and how to prevent the occurrence of the stage collapse accident.

Prevention Measure of Outdoor Large Round Stage Collapse

As far as 2019 is concerned, a program on Children's Day in a certain province was originally a time for children and their parents to celebrate the festival happily. Suddenly, part of the stage collapse prevention measure collapsed, resulting in the death of one child and several injuries. How sad, the one second there was laughter and laughter, the next moment death came. According to our company's understanding, in the field of stage collapse prevention measure art construction, the biggest difference between outdoor performance installation equipment and indoor performance equipment is that outdoor performance equipment must withstand wind loads, whether it is formal installation, or temporary, mobile or fixed equipment, its structural design and The installation design must meet the requirements of the maximum wind speed and wind pressure in the installation area, so as to ensure the safety performance of the equipment under the action of the wind pressure in the working state and the wind pressure in the non-working state when the equipment is put into use.

In detail, stage safety issues involve all aspects, such as whether the stage equipment and building materials are qualified, stage design, stage wind resistance, preventive measures according to local conditions, whether the process is reasonable, etc. Among them, the safety of LED display construction accounts for an extremely important part!

In order to effectively reduce the occurrence of outdoor round stage  collapse accidents, in addition to the relevant departments need to issue relevant performance outdoor round stage  safety operation specifications, the qualifications of performance companies and their outdoor round stage  equipment should be inspected from time to time. Strictly crack down on outdoor round stage  equipment manufacturers' product quality and outdoor round stage  engineering substandard behavior. Once the cost of making mistakes is high, performance companies and outdoor round stage  equipment manufacturers will naturally pay more attention to outdoor round stage  safety from their own perspective. In this way, the probability of such "man-made" accidents can be minimized.

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In addition, as an LED display manufacturer, we should also increase technological innovation, optimize structural design, and constantly explore new and safe box materials to improve the safety and reliability of the product itself. First of all, in terms of box material, new materials such as die-cast aluminum, carbon fiber, magnesium alloy, and unique nano-polymer materials are used. It can greatly reduce the weight and thickness of the LED display box. The light and thin box is not only conducive to the installation and maintenance of the product, but also significantly reduces the load of the supporting buildings and trusses, which greatly reduces the stage collapse caused by the excessive weight of the LED display box. accident frequency.

Secondly, excellent structural design can also reduce the occurrence of LED display collapse accidents. Generally speaking, LED large round stage  displays for rental are usually stacked very high, or hoisted at a high place, which undoubtedly increases the probability of accidents. Therefore, structural safety is the most important part of the design process. Industry insiders emphasized that due to the short installation time, it is impossible to set aside a long time to check whether it is firm, so it is particularly important whether the box connection can be quickly checked. Therefore, Wubai Performing Arts Rental Platform believes that the LED rental screen must know at a glance whether it is screwed or installed in place, so as not to leave a safety hazard.

In addition, the on-site installation personnel of the LED display screen must master the comprehensive and correct installation and use methods, strictly abide by the clear limit of the maximum number of layers for stacking and hoisting, and choose the correct installation method and high-quality building materials. To avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.

Finally, the large round stage  construction company needs to provide professional training for construction personnel and operators, so that they can perform basic maintenance on the display screen, such as the analysis and processing of common faults, familiarity with the control system and video processing, and the corresponding supporting equipment. Detection and adjustment to ensure the stable and safe operation of the LED large round stage  screen.

Not only the large round stage  LED display, but if there are lights, audio or tents hanging above the large round stage , it must be built in strict accordance with the requirements, and there is no slack.

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In the Round Stage audience can enjoy the performance in 360 degrees, and although everyone sees the same stage and the same actors, the visual effect seen in the Round Stage is very different. The Round Stage is generally larger in size, so the same Round Stage may simultaneously carry out different projects for everyone to watch at will. Round Stage is more conducive to interaction, so many singers have adopted the use of the Round Stage for concerts.

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