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Product design of aluminium stage truss

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Aluminium stage truss has been used more and more in various activities, and aluminium stage truss is quick to disassemble, easy to transport, and easy to store. It is an excellent choice for stage builders.

Requirements for designing aluminium stage truss:

1. Aluminium stage truss has sufficient compressive and tensile strength inside-it will not break or deform due to force;

2. Aluminium stage truss has sufficient rigidity and will not undergo excessive elastic deformation;

3. After the aluminium stage truss is built, sufficient stability is required to reduce the possibility of the collapse of the project caused by the sudden change of the balance form;

4. Good dynamic characteristics: earthquake resistance, wind resistance, etc.

Aluminium stage truss related accessories design requirements: there must be rods that meet the requirements; there must be good connectors, including rivets, pins and welded connections.

 Triangle Bolt Truss

Types and uses of aluminium stage truss:

1. Standard aluminium stage truss. This kind of truss is the most standard and simplest. For example, the specification is 200*200. It is widely used, such as small-scale advertising background frame, wedding decoration frame and other activities.

2. Lightweight aluminium stage truss. The cross section of this truss is much smaller than that of the standard truss, and the specifications are between 300 and 400. The aluminum alloy truss itself is lighter, so it is very light, flexible and convenient to transport. It is now more popular in light decoration for small events, scaffolding, stage lighting and other event venues.

3. Reinforced aluminium stage truss. This truss is stronger than the standard truss and is very strong. Both ends are welded with square tubes to strengthen the supporting force, and the strength and maximum span are greater than standard trusses. Larger events will use this truss, such as large-scale performances, light and sound exhibitions and other large-scale performance event stages.

4. Super aluminium stage truss. This kind of truss is stronger than the reinforced truss, and its strength and maximum span are also very large regardless of the thickness and diameter of the steel. It is often used for large-span scaffolding, building activity scaffolding outdoors, groundbreaking ceremonies, large-scale performances, etc., which require high truss activities.


The rigid requirements of aluminium stage truss:

1. Keep the strength strong enough. Only by ensuring sufficient strength can the aluminium stage truss not be broken or deformed, so that the stability and safety of the stage or other exhibition stands built by these trusses can be ensured.

2. There must be sufficient rigidity. This is to require aluminium stage truss to not undergo elastic variation when subjected to sufficient pressure to change its shape and design appearance.

3. On the basis of the completion of the first and second points, it should be transformed and improved to ensure that the aluminium stage truss has sufficient long-lasting stability. This is to avoid the collapse of the stage due to the mechanical phenomenon changed by the sudden change of the balance form, so as to protect the personal safety of the on-site personnel.


Factors affecting the price of aluminium stage truss:

1. Cost of aluminum material:

The aluminum materials have passed ISO9001 and German industrial TUV certification, and the quality is high, which is not comparable to all kinds of small aluminum brands. Of course, the price is also corresponding. When the price of aluminum material fluctuates greatly, its price is undoubtedly a major factor affecting the cost of aluminium stage truss. Short-term fluctuations do not have much impact on the price of stage truss, but it will affect the delivery time to a certain extent. After all, in the case of expensive raw material costs, aluminum inventory will be reduced accordingly.

2. Labor cost:

From aluminum to finished products, manpower is undoubtedly another major factor. From R&D design personnel, sales personnel, to workshop technicians, welder masters, to product quality inspectors, packers, and after-sales service personnel, all need to be equipped with professional talents.


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