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Whether the quality is good, check by yourself !

Date: 05.02.2020 Viewed: times

Of course, shopping should pay attention to product quality. So is the quality of the stage truss products of the SHIZHAN Group good?

As a professional manufacturer of stage trusses, stage trusses are products related to user safety, and quality control is a very important link. All the products of the stage truss of the SHIZHAN Group have passed TUV's product load test, and have CE, SGS, BV, ISO9001 certification. From order to finished product to after-sales, products are produced and managed through standardized links.

ISO9001 certificateTUV certificate

Qualification certificate

SHIZHAN Group not only conducts normal inspection of the finished products, but also performs additional inspections according to a certain percentage, such as flaw detection tests on welded parts of aluminum frames, self-inspection load tests on the stage, etc. Through strict quality inspection procedures, control product quality, identify problems in time, and reduce the outflow of defective products.

SHIZHAN Group adheres to strict online production and inspection, and the final product installation test of each order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the product and ensure the perfect product for customers.

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