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SHIZHAN Group develop new products

Date: 31.07.2020 Viewed: times

As a truss aluminium supplier, Shizhan Group has been committed to the research and development of aluminum alloy truss, launching rope-driven lifting stage and layher structure bleacher.

The epidemic of 2020 has witnessed the ups and downs of our industry, but our R&D team never stop their steps,locked the market vane and successfully tried a new product, the rope-driven lifting stage, in the middle of the year.

New product 1rope-driven lifting stage

rope-driven lifting stagerope-driven lifting stage

Stage out size:3080mmL, 2540mmW,  2400mmH

Inner lifting stage:1800mmx1800mm

Lifting height:3600mm


Load people:10 people

The iron lifting stage has not been officially launched, there is a wave of close attention to the Shizhan Group dynamics of iron powder fans, place the order to make the same type of aluminum lifting stage.

It can be seen that the demand of customers is always greater than the supply capacity of factories, which also drives the whole industry forward.

New product 2: Electric telescopic grandstand

Shizhan Group specializes in the layher structure bleacher, the projects for example Aksu tower rally Project, Beijing Badaling Iron Flower Cultural Festival and other major events to provide structural bleacher.In order to meet more market demand, this is also a simultaneous development of an electric telescopic stand.

Despite the current epidemic situation, the whole Chinese people unite as one to fight against the epidemic. In the near future, retaliatory consumption will eventually be reflected in our industry. Brother should stick to it, and spring is just around the corner!!

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