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SHIZHAN Group helps the world to cheer together

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Since the COVID-19 outbreak, overseas Chinese and friends from all over the world have been rushing to contact each other, making every effort to raise epidemic prevention materials, sending charcoal in the snow, and fully supporting China's epidemic prevention and control. After more than a month of concerted efforts to fight the epidemic, the epidemic situation of new coronary pneumonia in China was gradually contained.

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At the same time, with the spread of the epidemic around the world, the status of epidemic prevention around the world has always touched the hearts of people at the SHIZHAN Group. In order to meet the need to resume work, SHIZHAN Group specially purchased a batch of masks and donated them to our customers from all over the world.








What the international community needs is firm confidence, concerted efforts, and united response, comprehensively strengthening international cooperation, rallying a strong force to overcome the epidemic, and joining hands to win this human struggle against major infectious diseases. SHIZHAN Group has contributed its own with a small share of strength, I hope this epidemic can be overcome as soon as possible. "Qi Yue has no clothes. Together with the child" hopes that everyone who lives in the global village can work together to overcome the difficulties.


Although the construction started later than usual due to the epidemic situation recently, various difficulties cannot prevent the high standards of product quality of SHIZHAN Group. In this case this year, SHIZHAN Group still won the "National Product and Service Quality Integrity Demonstration Enterprise "and" National Quality Inspection and Stable Qualified Products "are two honors. This is an affirmation of our past and a challenge and spur to our tomorrow. Go on!

SHIZHAN is committed to selling truss stages for customers around the world, and providing customers with a variety of stage truss solutions. When the spring is blooming, let's go to a concert together (truss stage system remember to find SHIZHAN Group)

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