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Safe use of stage lighting

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  Stage light trusses are used more and more widely in society nowadays, and aluminum alloy stage lighting truss are used in many occasions, such as stage construction, conference halls, studios, hotel stages, exhibitions, event greenhouses and other activities. Stage lighting truss, but due to the industry problems of stage lighting stands, the unsafe use of many stage lighting truss is not taken seriously, leading to the occurrence of multiple stage accidents recently, so it is not necessary to pay attention to the safe use of stage lighting stands.

stage light truss

  The quality of the truss of the stage light truss

  Everyone may pay more attention to this safety issue. When buying a stage truss, you will first consider its quality. The quality of stage lighting can be affected by the following aspects: the quality of aluminum, the technical level of the welder, and the structure of the truss Whether it is reasonable or not, the best way to avoid truss quality problems is to choose a more professional stage lighting rack production company. Small stage lighting rack production workshops are prone to cutting corners and insufficient technology. Such built stage lighting racks are prone to safety accidents.

  Is the stage light truss constructed correctly?

  The stage light truss must be built according to the drawings, and the aluminum truss clamp for stage light truss must be built according to the manufacturer’s configuration. Many components seem to be optional, but they are not. Stage lighting company When configuring components for customers, we try our best to make the whole project free from hidden dangers, so the structure and construction plan of the stage lighting stand cannot be easily changed.

  The stage light truss needs to be checked regularly after being built many times

  No matter how good the quality of the stage light truss is, multiple installation and disassembly, multiple transportation collisions will cause certain damage to the stage lighting frame. It is best to conduct regular inspection and repair, or feedback the old stage lighting frame to the manufacturer for evaluation. It’s best to re-purchase and take full measures to prevent accidents.

  Shizhan Group is committed to the development and production of stage light truss. Various types of aluminum lighting truss are sold to various regions around the world. We believe in the quality of our aluminum truss system stage products and dare to accept challenges from anyone. We look forward to your arrival.

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