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Safety guide for stage construction

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  Many people don't understand the safety structure of the stage and don't know how to start. The stage builder is also not familiar with the safety guidelines. They often invested a lot of money, but the effect did not meet the expected requirements. They are also laborious and easy to consume, and even cause safety issues.

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  Why do you need a stage guide:

  It is understood that in recent years, the performance market has continued to grow, and temporary stage construction has become commonplace, but the relevant specifications for stage and beauty projects are still not perfect.

  Most stage dance engineering companies are in the state of small workshops with relatively backward technology. The quality of the project is low and the project quality is uneven. The grassroots team and the regular company are scrambling to compete. The vicious competition has led to the worsening of the quality of the construction. The phenomenon of cutting corners and materials is not uncommon. These have laid hidden dangers for stage safety.

  Stage construction guide:

  In large-scale stage performances, the stage is essential. While performing stage construction, we must consider the environment of the stage, as well as the lighting issues, the audience's perspective, and the stability of the stage level.

  01. In stage performances, such as star gatherings, concerts and other occasions. In order to prevent the front viewer from blocking the viewer's line of sight, there are some special occasions or specific activities. A stage with a height of 60-200 cm must be built. The height of the stage should be adjusted according to the length of the auditorium.

  02. Consider lighting issues during the performance. When building stage lighting truss, you must consider that the structure of the stage frame must be safely connected to prevent the transmission line from passing through the auditorium, causing unnecessary safety hazards and increasing construction costs.

  03. The stage should have a sense of hierarchy. Usually, large-scale outdoor large-scale performances are large in scale and large in audiences. On-site safety is very important. The auditorium needs to install anti-riot poles to prevent people from stepping on them. At the same time, in order to facilitate the evacuation of the venue, avoid crowding when leaving the country.

  Shizhan Group is committed to providing various types of truss stages. For stage truss construction, we also have professional technicians to provide operation training and support. From the perspective of customers, we provide customized truss stage system solutions.

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