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Scaffolding galvanized nature and maintenance method

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Scaffolding galvanized refers to the coating of zinc on the exterior of the Scaffolding for aesthetic, rust prevention and prolonging the service life of the Scaffolding, mainly by hot-dip galvanizing, usually divided into galvanized round tube Scaffolding and galvanized square tube Scaffolding.

How to choose Scaffolding galvanized?

What follow-up inspection work should be done after Scaffolding galvanized is erected?

Scaffolding galvanized cleaning tips



How to choose Scaffolding galvanized?

So what is the choice of Scaffolding galvanized, galvanized round tube or square tube?


In the development and evolution of Scaffolding, in order to prolong its service life, a process of galvanizing its exterior has been introduced, and Scaffolding galvanized is divided into hot galvanized and cold galvanized. Galvanized round pipe joist has better quality than square pipe, it is not easy to deformation, it has higher bearing capacity and span, it is the favorite product of customers at present. The disadvantage is that it needs to match the square head, so the transportation cost and purchasing cost are relatively advanced. Galvanized square pipe joist does not need square head, so it can save partial cost, and it can also be poured with concrete mortar to make it a light column. The disadvantage is that the quality is not as good as round pipe joist.


Galvanized square pipe does not need square head, it can pour concrete mortar to form light column; galvanized round pipe joist is stronger than square pipe and not easy to be deformed, but the purchase cost is high as it has to be used with square head. If you need to meet the higher load and span, you can use galvanized round pipe joist. If the procurement budget is small and there is no great demand for span and load capacity, galvanized square tube joist can be chosen.



What follow-up inspection should be done after the scaffolding galvanized is erected?

After the beams between the columns are articulated and confirmed, the Scaffolding galvanized iron base foot cups should be leveled and Scaffolding galvanized so that the whole base is in the degree. The foot cup adjustment state to the base of the wheel just separated from the air within 5MM.


1. It is necessary to strictly follow the process requirements to install. In general, the first assembly Scaffolding galvanized the main components of the parts, from the inside to the outside or inside to the table of the installation method.


2. During the whole process of installation of Scaffolding galvanized, no forced method shall be used to assemble the components.


3. In order to prevent the onset of various internal stresses and reduce its installation deformation, the preassembled place of Scaffolding galvanized should be equipped with proper lifting machinery and installation space.


4. Pre-assembled mold technology request laying, its stiffness should be ensured. scaffolding galvanized members pre-assembly, it is necessary to stop in the natural state, so that it is correctly installed in the installation position of the relevant components.


Scaffolding galvanized cleaning tips

Scaffolding galvanized if often used will be old, which requires users to Scaffolding galvanized cleaning, but also pay attention to the storage Scaffolding galvanized to pay attention to moisture, avoid dust, to avoid its oxidation or moisture.


When cleaning Scaffolding galvanized, do not use strong brushes or wire balls to scrub it, and do not use abrasive detergents to avoid damaging the outer surface of the truss. Do not use abrasive detergents to avoid damaging the antioxidant film on the surface of the joist. Do not use abrasive detergent to avoid damaging the oxidation film of the galvanized surface.


Scaffolding galvanized is coated with zinc to ensure the quality of the truss on top of the beauty of the truss. Because of its good performance, Scaffolding galvanized is widely used in various industries and can improve the working efficiency.

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