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Selection of exhibition truss

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  The exhibition truss has a short time and limited space, but it generates a lot of waste and garbage. 75%-80% of the waste in the exhibition is generated when the booth is set up and dismantled. Shizhan Group launched exhibition truss, which is easy to build and reduces waste generated in truss construction.

  Lifting stage is a commonly used product on stage. Its main function is to move the set and actors up and down when changing scenes. In addition, in order to highlight the main actors, the stage will rise slowly, and the actors will dance on the stage to create ups and downs on the stage. At the same time, the process of stage lifting can also increase the performance effect.

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  Therefore, the booth should be eye-catching and interesting. The design of the exhibition truss should be artistic, but attention should be paid to avoid flashy. Customers walking in a hurry, if they can't get clear information in an instant, they won't be interested. In addition, the complexity of the booth can easily reduce the work efficiency of booth personnel. Exhibits must choose representative furnishings, there must be choices, and some must be discarded. The booth must not only exhibit products, but also attract customers, but also help booth staff to sell, publicize, research, communicate with audiences, and negotiate with customers.

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  Lifting stage is divided into telescopic stage, rotating stage, telescopic lifting rotating stage, lifting rotating stage, etc. The rotating stage has multiple functions such as lifting, rotating and tilting. The control adopts self-locking, interlocking, travel switch, mechanical limit, hydraulic explosion-proof and other protective measures.

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  Shizhan Group's 2000-meter exhibition truss helps the 18th International Agricultural Products Fair. If you want to know more, please click here >>

  Exhibitors now hope that their booths will have a distinctive and unexpected effect. This will make the booths in modern exhibitions and even the exhibition itself enter an era of high-standard construction. As a supplier of exhibition lighting truss, Shizhan Group has a variety of exhibition truss design solutions in the field of booth truss. It can also 100% restore customer customized needs according to customer needs.

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