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Seventy-two changes of layher truss-outdoor bleacher

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  I believe everyone has heard of Layher truss, ring lock scaffolding, buckle frame and other words. In fact, these words are some of the more popular words derived from Layher truss, so let Shizhan come to teach you the use of Layher truss Method and purpose.

ring lock scaffolding

  The basic principle of ring lock scaffolding was invented by the German company Layher, and is also called "Layher truss" by industry insiders. Mainly used for lighting stands and background stands for large concerts.

  Alias: pressure truss, ring lock scaffolding.

  Composition: It is composed of three parts: a column, a cross bar and a diagonal stay.

  Specifications: 2 meters * 2 meters * 2 meters

  Basic principle: The cast steel or stamped roulette is welded to the column. The crossbar is connected with the roulette on the column through the head of the crossbar and fixed by the pin. (The installation of large-scale need to use diagonal tie rods for reinforcement), can also be used in construction sites.

  Use features of ring lock scaffolding:

  1. Easy to install and disassemble. After the pin is fixed, only need to use a hammer or wooden hammer to knock and fix it.

  2. The accessories are not easy to lose, and the pins are limited by rivets on the crossbar and will not be lost.

  3. Good stability, widely used in bridge pouring support, construction, stage background, light frame and other fields.

layher bleacher supply

  Layher truss has a more convenient and flexible structure, so it has a wide range of uses. Pouring supports, architecture, stage lighting truss systems, portable lighting truss and other fields are all its "goodies". Today I will introduce one of its uses. layher bleacher.

layher bleacher

  △Traditional conventional outdoor bleacher

  Compared with the conventional bleacher, the layher bleacher is easy to move, buy a set of bleacher, you can use it in different places, it is also very convenient to install, easy to store, and it can save 80% of space when it is removed.

outdoor bleacher
outdoor bleacher export

  The traditional fixed chorus, once fixed, cannot be moved, which greatly reduces the ease of use of the venue. The layher's movable bleacher has excellent performance in stability, corrosion resistance, and flexibility.

layher bleacher for sale

  Build a case

  The picture above is the outdoor bleacher project of a basketball court of our company in the fourth middle school recently

  The school organizes a municipal basketball game. Due to the limited space, a basketball court is used as the viewing area. The layher bleacher is used. The bleacher has six floors (customizable). Due to the scientific structure design, the construction time is only one and a half days and the construction is completed. After the game is over, the bleacher is removed and stored. The original basketball court is still in normal use, but the traditional fixed bleacher cannot reflect its basketball court function.

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