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Shizhan Welding Competition

Date: 20.07.2020 Viewed: times

  This month, Shizhan Group held a special competition, welder skills competition, by the Shizhan Group of different workshop team competition on the same stage, show the Shizhan Group in the high standards of products, strict requirements of the degree of attention on aluminum truss, stage,crowed control barrier and scaffolding. The competition is jointly held by the administration department and the production department.

weiding area
weiding area

  After the competition, the awards were awarded and the champion of each workshop was determined according to the scores of comprehensive items such as welding quality and completion time.

  The technological challenge of complex process and the exploration and practice of independent innovation are the advanced way for enterprises to move forward. As a pioneer in the field of domestic Performances industry, Shizhan Group has perfect production technology standards.

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truss de aluminio welding

  All of these welders have passed the international welder certificate. They are among the best in the industry in terms of technical level and proficiency. They have completed the "Three Gorges rotor group maintenance project", "Aksu thousand people art performance stage project", "Wuxi Opera House hydraulic stage project", "National Day military parade stage and command platform project", "National Day Yunnan flower car project" and "Fangte 1809 concert" "Ultra high customized explosion-proof fence" and other projects. All the aluminum truss and stage of Shizhan provided are the international quality standard.

truss de aluminio welding
truss de aluminio welding

  These are the comprehensive tests for the production team of Shizhan, and thank these welders for their hard work in every project.


  Shizhan group has recently passed the record of Jiangsu private science and technology enterprises, which is an affirmation of the comprehensive strength of Shizhan. Shizhan group, as a truss guangzhou top supplier, is committed to stage truss system for sale, and has a unique production Process manufacturing. We will also "forge ahead in the new journey, set sail in the beginning" in 2020, we will continue to bring you more innovative products, better quality and more stable products!

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